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Electrifying Developements

As some of you may know, I'm a electronics geek. Over 40 years as a electronics/computer tech including being a college level instructor. So, I keep an eye out for developments in the electronics and computer fields as well as motorcycles and cars.The car maker Tesla announced that it will be be producing 20,000 a month of its new model. I have been following the electric motorcycles development. They have made some astounding progress. Lightning produces a 200hp bike, Brutus has a 125 hp cruiser styled touring bike. BUT, there has always been one major problem with electric vehicles. What do you do when you run out of charge? Plug in and wait. Not convenient at all. That is about to change. Drexel University has developed a new type of nearly instant charge batteries.
If this works out, the electric vehicle will come of age. It seems to follow that if you have a bank of solar panels, a rapid charger and a electric bike or car your fuel costs will go away. At the current price of gas, you pay down your investment eventually paying it off.
Here's some of the current crop including those I mentioned.



How many batteries do I need? Or can I just get a really long lead?

Sounds bloody great. Hopefully it happen and will work. I am just sitting here imagining a fully 'lectric Judge. It is a struggle, but the shocking reality makes me think it's possible. Sometime in the powerful future. It might spark someone else's imagination.!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some days I just crack me up!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know, Albert. What's your voltage?
Glad you got a charge out of it, Phil.

240 volts.....

I=E/R, V=IR, R=V/I. It's the law.So watt? Are youu living up to your current potential?

I read an article a while back that suggested battery stations could replace gas stations. Basically, you pull in, swap batteries and go. It's all about infrastructure.

Formula-e racing is using a similar swap out method. I think they come into the pits half way through the race and swap batteries. They will probably figure out a way to make a full race on one set of batteries soon!

In Austin, Texas shopping centers are installing charging stations in their parking lots. You park, plug in, swipe your credit card and your car charges as you shop. You're then charged for whatever energy your car draws.

The future is near!

Many years ago, I got to ride a mini-bike that used a 12 volt battery, starter motor hooked to centrifugal clutch and a forklift rheostat. It belonged to a kid whose Dad owned a salvage yard. It was fun.
Here's what's happening in Kansas City. When the over the road trucking companies start getting electric powered 18 wheelers the game will change.

I think it will happen, but than... We will loose the sound and smell of riding a bike... I don't know, but maybe we have to within several years from now...

In order for me to go electric, I will have to be able to plug the car or bike in, have it charge within the 5-10 minutes I'm going to the bathroom, getting checked out from buying some water, etc, and then be able to get another 200 to 300 miles down the road that I can do on my Bird or in my wife's Subaru Impreza. Until then, no electric for me.

Yup, that's the point. If the Drexel process works out then you could do just that. Now if you can figure out the wattage requirements for the changer you can calculate the solar array size needed to power it.

And hopefully that solar array size could be the size of a cell phone will just need a system that makes noise like a bike engine. Lol It's true though, the remote control planes I watch sometimes have electric models. Doesn't sound right. I was at a triathlon recently and a woman I was talking to said "That was a quiet car". Yes, it was a Tesla.

Great idea as long as the oil companies don't buy them out.

You mean.....the Sarich Orbital engine won't see the light of day either Tezza?

Now that was a jolt from the past Al, it just so happens that I read an article a while back about orbital and it's back!

Has anybody seen/read an analysis of the environmental issues associated with battery disposal? If electric vehicles become the predominant form of motor transport and there will be tens/hundreds of millions of batteries to deal with.

Dub, my short term memory...

Dub, my short term memory....

Is crap. I do remember some things from the past tho.

Vary, you and I will be long gone before all your Tesla's need new AAA batteries.....

Al ... first gen Toyota Prius shld be pretty close to their use-by date. More of them have been sold than all Tesla models combined. What happens to their batteries?

Going to be like our nuclear waste

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