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End of Aftermarket Exhausts

Hang on to you hats or in this case your money as it looks like the EPA is getting serious about high emissions and loud exhausts.

Makes my blood boil.......




We had to know it was coming. Fortunately it seems to be pretty slow rollout except for the damn Californians.

Now they want to Californicate the rest of the country. Lovely ...

Dave, for those that need loud pipes to tell if the engine is running....there are tachometers....
I was considering a sports system for my CBR but I think I prefer the quiet "I've passed the copper before he hears me" stock system.

Yes Al, I must say that I'm enjoying the quietness of the Tiger

I'm enjoying the 130hp and 200kg weight Dave....

I agree Al, power to weight ratio is always fun...

Ya fat bastard Al, That poor bloody Honda.

Gazza, it has more horses than the Valk, the Oldwing and the C109R........

You love to torque it up....

His full of Talk sorry torque Dub

Gazza....don't you have a job to go to? Or are you moving out of home in that new (great looking) camper?

Its smaller than the last one Al

Looks good Gaz. Will it hook onto your bike?

Yea it hooks up, but the clutch might shudder trying to lift off at 2500 kgs

So, you've checked it out already.......

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