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Engine bar for Vstar 1100 classic 2008

Just recently I purchased a set of floor board extenders from pacific coast star in the US but my current guards dont fit now, so I'm looking for one that does. Does anyone know what brand would fit. There seems to be a lot of bars but no one can tell me if they fit floor board extenders.
Or is there something else i can use to mount my pegs on that will fit.



Ray, I got highway pegs mounted on the engine bar on my 1100 they work a treat and if you position them correctly you can have your heel on the floorboards and the ball of your foot on the highway pegs. Also you can get wider pegs.

I have highway pegs on the engine bar on my 1100 but I seldom use them as it seems a long way to the break and shifter, maybe I have them in the wrong place

I have floor board extenders which moves the floor board 3inches forward so I need to know what brand of engine bar will accomodate this..

It it worth looking at having a set based on lindby bars (or similar brands) fabbed up locally? You just need the flat the extend under the floorboard right?

I checked the bars I have on mine Ray and I see where you will have the problem. I think the only way out will be a custom bar as was mentioned or a narrower floorboard.

Thanks guys, you would think that someone would of designed one by now as floor board extensions are a common thing. Might see if I can get mine modified to fit but then I'll have to get it re chromed.

no bars will fit when you xtend your boards forward, just the nature of the beast (vstar)

Thanks eynstyn research shows your right, contacted all the manufacturers and none fit.Well looks like floor board mounts instead with pegs.

Thanks, I might let it go to my head

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