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Engine differences

Would like to know the differences between the 1100 motors - seems 2005 and newer have a relocated oil filter up higher almost like the 650 but a also saw a 2002 with the filter in this location - local dealer has no idea--some must know. Are there any other changes in these engines?



When you sat up higher, are you refering to an external filter?

The 1100 is pretty much the same from virago to the last made 2009 vstar 1100. You probably have an oil relocation kit if it's a vstar 1100. Great engine...has issues with starter clutch but other than that it's pretty solid. The original set up is oil filter is internal.

If your talking all bikes, well better look up the differences by pretending to work on em.

My 05 has a ORK, my 01 doesn't. That's an easy fix. Beats having to drop the pipe for an oil change. I'm running a Baron's.

ones a 650 and the other an 1100 is this a trick question

I know it is confusing but my 2003 has the oil filter down low with a Baron relocation kit and my 2009 v star 1100 has the filter up higher similar to the 650 and Baron and Jardine do not list a relocation kit for it----

Well show us...take a picture and upload it. There are other brands such as Jardine, which I have. But they are similar. It is easy post a picture just get it to your computer and then go to photos and click add photo. Paste the link in your comment below and then we can see what your talking about. It could be someone modified it to attach higher. Show me the picture.

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