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Engine runs rough after hitting bumps

Hi folks i have a 2009 vn900 Custom. 97000 on the clock.  Lately it has developed a problem of missfiring almost as if it fuel starves or a pot drops out after hitting a bump. Can clear it self and charge off until the next bump. Usually only starts after a 200k into a ride. It has slash pipes so the airswitch has been blocked off after aircleaner. Any ideas




It has had the stator n reg replaced 12 months ago and a new battery around same time

I would check the connections to the injectors and fuel pump assy. Then check for water in the fuel tank.

Sure sounds like something is loose. I'm with Wayne, check your connections. Even the plugs.

Fuel filter needs changing, carburetor needs to be soaked in solvent (rebuild) or just draining the float bowls. Fuel pump is running at a low rate, replace. Might be water in gas, especially if your running ethanol mix. Bumps steering up water and entering system. Run it near empty, take off tank turn upside for a few days after draining left over gas. 97000 is a lot of mileage for a bike. It sounds like an electrical issue because of your "Bumps", but doesn't fit because it starts working again. A loose connection would not fix itself without another bump. My bet is on water in bottom of tank.

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