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Engine swap

Will a five speed engine fit in a four speed chassis without much modification? I have a 1993 vs 1400.




If you are talking about same manufacturer/same model but different model years, then it is possible a later model engine will fit; as long as there weren’t any significant frame changes between the two models. If you are talking about mix n match across different manufacturers, then there is no straightforward answer.

Starting in 1991, the VS1400 platform received the 5 speed transmission in most European countries. In the USA, this new 5 speed transmission debuted in the 1994 models, and by 1995, Canadian models were equipped with the same transmission.
1993 frame:
1994 frame:
The frame assembly part numbers match between the 4 speed 93 and the 5 speed 94.
You can check other years this way.

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