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Engine swap

I have a 96 Kawasaki Vulcan classic 800 and blew motor. Sence I have to replace the motor I would like to put a bigger motor in like a 900 or 1500 would be great does anyone know if there is a motor that will do an easy swap



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The 800 is chain, the 900 belt, the 1500 shaft.Rebuild or find a find a replacement for the 800, upgrade the intake and exhaust including a matched rejet and enjoy.
"This is according to a "Performance Index" published in the Motorcycle Consumer News (Jan '10).

Granted, the 900 delivers more Rear-Wheel Torque (51.7 ft/lb vs. 41.4 ft/lb for the 800), but to assume the larger 900 will deliver more power may not be completely accurate.

The testing done by them also shows an 800 Drifter (597 lb. - heavier than an 800A or 800 Classic) to be faster than a 900 Custom (that weighed in at 600 lb.) in:"

"Top Speed - 108 vs 105
0-60 mph - 5.88 vs 5.92
AND 1/4 mi. - 14.16 vs 14.19"

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