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Engine top end noise

Engine top end noise.  What would be the most common part failure?




What kind of noise? Tapping, grinding, clicking, knocking?

I had a shop work on the fuel system to get it running. When they started it up there was a loud clicking/tapping noise. They wanted $200 just to tear it apart to look at it. I have done some research and learned that it may be one of the adjuster lashes. If that is correct, How do you test them because at about 70 apiece for 8 of them well you get the drift.

First, you're gonna need this.
Hydraulic Lash Adjusters-Chapter 4, page 18.

IF the adjuster screws came loose you may need to readjust them. The other thing that makes the lifters to rattle is low oil pressure. They are the first to loose oil. You may just need to adjust the rockers the all will be quiet.

What year model?
Is the oil pressure light on?

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