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Engine won't turn over

96' intruder 800. Switch is on all the relays are good. The solenoid clicks but the starter won't engage. But if I jump the solenoid with a screw driver it will engage. What's up? Any ideas.



sounds like a starter broke. is the stand up and clutch in? take the volt meter to the starter connections and push the button see what that says should be 12v

Bad solenoid, low battery. dirty terminals, dirty/bad connection of ground strap at frame.

New solenoid installed, stand, clutch, etc all good. The solenoid clicks but the starter doesn't engage. I am going to pull the starter after work today and. Heck it out.

if you bench test the starter from a battery it will probably spin because you are putting direct 12v to it , it should spin easy by hand if not its full of carbon, that has to be cleaned out

I got the starter out and when I connect it straight to a battery it spins. Not as fat as I expected but does spin. When I turn it by hand it seems tight. Would the carbon build up keep it from engaging when in the bike. Or anymore ideas before I buy a new starter. I hate to do that I really feel it is something that I am missing

The terminals on the starter were clean and all the bolts tight so it was also grounded

If is was the safety relay at the kickstand or the clutch not letting the starter engage would the solenoid still click like that

I would take the starter apart and clean out the dust that may have built up inside. While apart you might ant to put a dab of grease on the bushings. I would double check that you have a good battery 13.5-14.5 volts. If your kickstand or neutral safety sw is working you won't get any clicking from any thing.

Thanks guys. I will work on it some more tomorrow

clean it out you may get lucky, i cleaned mine out had alot of carbon in it and was a little rusty i guess from washing, and it worked for about 10 starts when i was out and about, had to but a new one, after market it was good all summer hope it works this year.

Eventually the little GURU's here will help you through it. That's how we learn here!!

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A 1996...I would not hesitate to replace starter, solenoid, Battery cables, Battery even if they seem ok. It's an old bike and if you haven't replaced a certain part before, I would replace the parts especially if they are original because if you do it now your bike will be more dependable, if you plan to keep it. Remember you owe your bike things at 20 years, it doesn't owe you anything. Besides, opening up and cleaning a starter may bring it back to life, but it isn't going to be reliable. You can spend your time trying to revive a part or you can spend it replacing parts. If you have no money, then spend your time. If you have money, spend your money and save your time.

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