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even moderate alcohol may be bad in the long run or SHORT 1??  the pharmacist side of me.  You may not be able to go to the link.   They have looked into a long range study and it is beginning to look like even the moderate drinking may be recommended against by the health professionals.
an excerpt from it:  After adjusting for possible confounding factors, such as age, sex, education, social class, physical and social activity, smoking, stroke risk, and medical history, the researchers found that the people who drank more than the 30 years had higher odds of hippocampal atrophy — shrinkage in the part of the brain that is important for memory and commonly found in Alzheimer's disease — compared with those who did not drink.   Guidelines from the American Heart Association advise one drink per day for women and one to two drinks per day for men. (A drink is defined as 12 ounces of beer, 4 ounces of wine, 1.5 ounces of 80-proof spirits, or 1 ounce of 100-proof spirits.)   Dr Topiwala and her group randomly selected 550 people from this study for the current Whitehall II imaging substudy to determine whether self-reported alcohol consumption over a 30-year period was associated with brain imaging and memory decline.
The mean age of the study participants was 43 years at baseline (standard deviation, 5.4 years), none were alcohol dependent, and all were safe to undergo multimodal MRI of the brain at follow-up.  
- essentially the more one drinks over time, the higher chance the brain loses cells putting one at higher risks for developing dementias as they age.



I think I remember that but I cant remember

So now just as I thought it was safe to have a drink at night, they are so no. I'm already forgetting things and not even close to retiring yet.

Randy ... Australian researchers are putting out the same good news here in Aus. My mother had a simple peasant upbringing in rural Crete ... no alcohol, simple Mediterranean diet ... all of which continued after she migrated to Australia at age 27. I cannot recall her ever drinking alcohol. She died aged 89 ... her mind having been obliterated by severe vascular dementia. I am therefore genetically predisposed to go the same way. I decided some years ago that I wasn't going to let that impact on my lifestyle and did not give up alcohol ... notwithstanding the risks. An icy cold beer on a hot summers day and a glass of glorious full body red wine with an evening meal are two of my life's pleasures. Problem is I can't remember how they tasted after I've finished drinking them !!!!!!!!

Yes, one can totally abstain and still end up with dementia. My grandfather was like that, he did not drink much, a very occasional beer on celebrations. He last years he did not recognize his own son or I. Brain science is still very much in its infancy compared to what we know about the rest of the body.

Vardy; I have the same problem. Randy the studies may or may not be right. In my family the only ones that had alzheimer's or dementia never drank or smoked. The one that did drink lived a long and drunken life. That is why I drink. For me the studies are wrong. My grand pa drank and smoked and never was sick a day in his life. He died at 89 in his sleep. Basic all the family relatives that did not drink and smoke at some point in their lives died of some kind of dementia and those that did lived a long and sain life.. we have gone back 5 and 6 generations. For me I am going to continue to drink and eat what I like. I really don't care what any study says. I remember when eggs were going to kill you if you eat them. That was a medical study about 25-30 years ago. They don't have a clue I don't think. I have several stories about my family that include BOOZE and all the stuff that will kill you. Most lived into their late 80's and 100's Most were drunken bastards.

Wayne ... the latest "advice" on eggs is that they ARE good for you. Glad I never stopped eating them !!!

I don't drink much but I know I smoke way too much... I also don't eat much eggs, let me say a few a week at most... I know my grandparents from mothers side both died in their 90s, not drinking much but my grandfather smoked like a old train!!! From fathers side my grandparents didn't live that long, died in their early 70s. My father died two years ago, age 72, after he had 7 hartattacts, the first one age 46. He was a alcoholic with a very bad drink and smoked at least two packages of cigs a day. I know, it's not good and healthy to smoke, surely not as much as I do.... but.... for some reason I can't or just don't want to stop... I'm nearly 50 now, I want to break the family record what means I have at least 43 more years to go!!!

Who knows Gert, look at George Burns and one of his quotes (Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city. You can't help getting older, but you don't have to get old. Happiness? A good cigar, a good meal, a good cigar and a good woman - or a bad woman; it depends on how much happiness you can handle.) ? is how much of the smoke did he truly inhale from the cigars.

Cigars and his old fashioned pipe... both my grandfathers smoked pipe... I don't think they truly inhaled, surely not the way I do with my sigarettes...

I feel personally, that the usage of drugs and alcohol are bad for you. However, there are other factors which come into play. As drugs are used to treat a problem of health and mental health, the need to sacrifice health concerns for the needs of happiness or well being. We need to weigh the effects of chronic use to those of periodic use to ward off overwhelming sadness, or depression, or just boredom. A long life with no happiness is not the answer. Alcohol make me happy for a bit, and as long as I do not overdue it, it has giving me some pleasure. If they could make life fun, there would be no need for tobacco, strong drink, pot, or cat nip.

I'll drink to that.

Fuck I'm drinking more than ever and having a session as I type, but I don't think I have drinking problem and if I do I don't remember it by the morning.

I live for the moment and worry about tomorrow until its there as tomorrow never comes I have no worries...

One has to have at least one vice as if one is perfect then one is not of this earth and is trying to save others

I don't drunk often, but when I do I like to drink. Perhaps it because I am so uptight. I like feeling relaxed and well the blood pressure pills don't work like they used too. I just want to feel like every thing is great. I don't want Apaches to attack us and kill my wife and children and me. I want to be left ponder my existence. I want to plan for a better existence to better myself and my posterity. Why oh why wont you let me.

I'm with Spratty I have a drink or two every night. A nice cold Bourbon and I'm ready to relax for the day. When I make one for me I have to make one for the wife. This has been working for 40+years now.

Hummmm. Well I smoke like a little chimney. I know the consequences and accept them, we all gotta die of something some time. But when it comes to drinking I'm the one that people who dont even know me wait till I get there to be the designated driver.... LOL

Now I wonder who that would be Valerie. LOL

What Happens in Dubois stays in Dubois LOL

It's all Wayne's, Noof's, and Phil's fault from a number of years ago otherwise I would have be the designated driver. LOL

Lanthus I wasn't sure where you were going with your comment, but I like your conclusion. But if any kids are reading, especially girls, I must say...."do not drink, carefree men will seek to take your virtue." Obi-wan

Funny how weed has not made it into this conversation yet, well until now that is. For me, weed is far less destructive and in fact has merit in some health benefits. I'm one to believe the herb is going to be a great addition of legalized medication and recreational use here in Canada. The only draw backs I can see is, should you tell the USA boarder guards that you have smoked legalized weed (and your from Canada of course) they can and often will ban you from traveling into their country. I have never understood why such a fight against weed has been with govt's of the world. Alcohol (and I do partake in the consumption of booze occasionally) in my belief has far more disastrous outcomes than weed will ever have. Anyone know of a person that smokes weed that gets violent? or is actually addicted to it like some people become alcoholics? How about the health effects of alcohol? No need to open up that can of worms........

Well weed is probably OK at home, but a high does while driving can cause you to forget to turn or brake. But it will probably make you drive slow and very cautious while annoying the drivers who can drive faster and have better reaction times. California is doing studies on how it affects driving so they can decide the risk it may pose. My wifes brother in law died from lung cancer and he swore he never used tobacco products only pot. The jury is still out on to speak. Some of my friends eat the stuff. They say it will get you high but that it takes more through the digestion track than smoking it. I do get pissed off at folks smoking it in their cars, or just plain reeking of pot. Stay at home and enjoy. Keep it from children so they can tackle school and there responsibilities. I tried it in the 9th grade and I have no memories for that year. If you need it or prescribed it, use it, but be recluse when doing so. Just saying.

I agree impairment from any drug or medications while driving or operating equipment etc etc is never point is that it does seem to have merit throughout the medical field as having a place for certain treatments and prevention of some cancers and many other health problems. I can't think of one instance where alcohol has any merit other than maybe disinfectant. I would support continued research on both benifits and negative findings with respect to weed used for medical purposes. I would be willing to bet that most of us would agree that the trillions of dollars donated for cancer cures is only benifiting the drug companies at this point. Yes, they have shown "some progress" but Im one that truely believes the cure is there, and we'll never see the time when its presented to us. Its all about money and self preservation for the drug companies. How can anyone say for sure what causes cancer when "they" claim there is no cure for most cancer? Is it really our lifestyle or is it just a natural occurring thing that attacks at random? I am the type that goes with the evidence, follow the evidence and the truth shall be found I say. We know for a fact alcohol is not good for our body's health or for our mental state, tons of evidence to back that up. Why does the govt continue to spread lies that weed is so bad, your better off drinking alcohol? Basically thats what they are saying by criminalizing weed and not alcohol right? I'm glad Canada is taking a stand against the criminalization of weed, and is some states too. I'd rather them fund more resources against hard drugs that actually kill people, and stop spending millions of dollars on folks that want to puff on weed. Sadly, it could very well be that weed has a neglected spot in the medical field that will never be fully appreciated or understood. Perhaps they just don't want us to know the truth.
I met a old guy last week that is on his way out of this world, and he summed it up this way, " We live until we die".
Who's to say how we should live, or die for that matter....

well now this is an interesting turn.... I like the comment of the old guy "We live until we die" that sums it up. As far as the causes of certain diseases Look at what we eat. I don't believe the increase in them is natural occurring. All of our food has increased pesticides,antibiotics and growth hormones. Then you get into the vaccinations we are forced to give our kids and in some cases are forced to take ourselves. Many of these are grown on animal organs then harvested . When they are growing they take up some of the animal DNA and then we inject that into our bodies!! example the flu vaccine grown on egg yolks, if your allergic to eggs you cant take the shot. When I was raising my kids the autism rate was like 1 in 100,000, now it's 1 in 10. What's with that??
Hell we can't get away from the stuff farmers and the government insist we put into our bodies. You have to vaccinate your kids or they cant get into school, I have to get vaccinated or I don't work You try to eat organic food but the stuff from the big growers has leached into the water system so the organic fields are watered with the stuff.It gets into the air from spraying and drifts all over hell so it lands on the organic fields and we ourselves inhale it. And we worry about pot, alcohol, and cigs??? As far as the ill effect of pot or alcohol I can only say that I cant remember most of my younger life, is it because of alcohol? Perhaps I have seen plenty of drinkers that loose memory of things, Is it because of the pot? Perhaps I have seen many tokers that loose memory of things. Is it just old age? Perhaps I see a lot of that too. In my case I think its a combo of all these and then some. Personally I think if it doesn't harm anyone else do it. I don't think anyone should use pot, drink or do other drugs or things that may alter your judgement before or during the use of any motor vehicle. But I do think you should enjoy what life you have in your own way, cause we all have an expiration date.

Valerie, at least our expiration dates are true dates, unlike those that drug manufacturers put on their drugs making you think they are no longer good so you just have to buy new. Very few drugs turn bad and harmful when they expire, tetracycline is one of them, shuts down your kidneys. That is why we have expiration dates on drugs. Don't know what the reason is for humans.

Well I see. But have you asked the motorcycle gods about it. I did, use drugs in moderation if you can, you'll be better off if you don't use them. Well what about tobacco?, I asked. They said, if you use them, we will have to ask you, why are you trying to kill yourself. We should strike you down. So sorry I asked.

Live and let live each to their own.

From the moment you are born , you start to die ...

Vardy, maybe so, but the ride from birth to 30 years old is all on the upswing, its the downswing second half that a bit hard to accept.

I hear you there Drew, funny cuz when we were young we couldn't wait to be older, now we wish to be young. But riding does really help doesn't it, as well as trolling along in my fishing boat on a quiet evening on a lake. I just wish I could stop thinking about whats next and just enjoy the moment, seems hard these days..........

Hey Todd catch a nice big pike for me
They don't have them here and that's my favorite. Along with some fried potatoes

Oh like a fish stew kinda thing Val ? Nice choice !

Oyster favorite. I often (twice a year) ride to the coast to get 50 large oysters to make BBQ on half shell oysters with lemon butter or Tabasco sauce. Then I make oyster stew, which is easy and to die for.

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