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So I have asked before but no answer...

About to try this so just thought I would throw it out there 1 last time.....

Can I remove the tips from a c109r exhaust, just the slashed tip that is tac welded on???
Already have baffles out and its a straight thru exhaust now, just want them to be slightly shorter and straight cut.. 

Just wanna know if I remove tac weld and tip will it be an ISSUE are they hollow on the ends??? Or will it work fine...

Any ideas ppl????



Wow, that's a good question. I think the only way you could answer that would be to find one in trashed condition at a bike salvage yard for real cheap and take it apart. I do know you can drill out the baffles with a hole saw and long extension.

Cheers have already done that....
Just wanna lose the angles tips...
Thanks for advice I think I see I'll go to scrap yard and do just that thankyou.....

Thank you, let us know the results and maybe post pictures.

Will do

Liam...I have some pipes you can try it on. $10k....I'll throw in the bike too. It has a few extra bits.....

He he
Cheers.... pass

Spoil sport. Lol. Good luck with your quest man.

Yes you can remove just the cover. That is all it is. It is just a chrome cover just grind off the weld and tap tap tap and remove. You have already pulled all the guts out now the cap.

Thanks scruffy I assume u have done it before.
I was just worried that after I cut weld and knocked off tip that the rest of exhaust the tip is attached too would be hollow or open??

Yeah guys r gone....

Guts r gone I meant

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