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Looking for the best way to remove baffles from my pipes on my 02' intruder 800. May replace pipes altogether, but don't know if anybody has any suggestions...



Some people just drill 4 to 6, 1/2" holes in the outer plate so they don't need to re-jet. Some just remove the outer plate.
If you remove the baffle, most recommend re-jetting. You will essentially have straight pipes which changes the back pressure so re-jetting makes sense.

I disagree with re-jetting. Exhaust back pressure should have no impact on the vacuum side of the equation. The intake will still suck air at the same vacuum pressure which is caused by the air filter or delivery system. You will have some HP gains because of the exhaust ease to exit, but this will not affect the intake side. When you add some air filters such as K&N cones on top of your intake elbows, then re-jetting will be necessary to allow your carburetor to deliver an appropriate fuel mixture to the engine by way of the new lower pressure intake vacuum. Thats my take on it...

"You always want the lowest pressure possible in the relevant branch of the manifold as the exhaust valve opens as this will allow as much of the contents of the cylinder to be ejected as possible before the valve closes, thus allowing more oxygen to be drawn into the cylinder on the next intake stroke.
A well tuned engine exhausts use the kinetic energy of the exhaust gas from the previous cylinder to create a partial vacuum in the manifold at exactly the right moment (this is called exhaust gas scavenging); back-pressure is used as part of the tuning technique to align the pulses correctly, so fitting a freer flowing exhaust can actually reduce power."

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