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exhaust system

Hi, my name is Pawel. I tried to buy an exhaust system for my 2015 Suzuki Boulevard M90 I cannot find anything I would like to put Cobra Speedster Swept Exhaust. Maybe somebody knows or installed that already if I can find anything please tell me.




There seems to be a lot of choses for your bike, including Cobra swept. I would pick out the one you like and then search for best price using Nextag and Ebay. Good luck.

But I looking same thing to buy ready with any modification so you open the box take exhaust and put it on.

You won't find that from any of the exhaust manufactures. There will always be some thing you will have to fabricate or modify. The Cobra pipes I bought for my Strat said bolt on ready, not so. I had to change the mounts just to get the things straight and in the correct position. I had to repair the header flange so it would not bend the exhaust studs when torqued to specs.

Hey i hv a 2016 m90 and still nobody makes pipes 4 our bikes. Cobra told me they won't make any . Other companies don't hv any.

There's alway some modification you have to make, but they provide the modification part(s). For instance on my new exhaust I will have to move the rear master cylinder but they provide the part to do it. Find one you like and get it, and follow the instructions by the letter. They want it to work or you'll send it back.

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