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First bike

I have a 1987 virago 1100 its my first bike and still learning about it I recently purchased a single manifold for the bike and am not sure if anything needs to be removed that will no longer be used for the single carburetor set up




Before getting into doing the modification, why are you wanting to? Also, do you know who made the intake manifold that you bought?

I did research on the modification and wanted that performance and mileage out of the bike and so the bike could breathe a little better. It is made by BIP and comes with a mikuni vm30

This should help.
also, read the comments.

Thats exactly the video I watched that got me thinking about it thank you

BIP seems to be having problems. Their website account has been suspended. BBB complaints are showing up. The concept however, is a valid one. There are other makers. and

Welcome to the site Shiny.
From Penrith, NSW Australia.

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