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First Bike New Rider

Hello everyone,

I'm new at the forum and the bike world, just bought my first bike and it's a 2009 Suzuki Boulevard M90 with 12K miles on it. The used bike dealer I bought it from said that the bike had been checked and that it was mechanichaly sound. When I rode it home, I heard a noise on the front wheel as if the bearing going bad. Also there is a noise in the drive shaft area when early shifting.
It is hard to shift from neutral to first and some times from first to second as well, I tried to shift when bike not running and it got stuck didn't moved up nor down. Today I checked the clutch adjustment on the handle bar and seems to be adjusted all the way way out, I'm wondering if the cluch needs to be replaced.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated.




Pull the cover on your transmission and adjust the clutch from there. I don't know the specs on your bike on mine its loosen the clutch cable all the way at the inline adjuster then tighten the screw at the clutch all the way and back off 1/4 turn then adjust the inline adjuster so I only have the width of 2 dimes gap at the lever when it is pulled till the clutch just engages as I say I dont know yours, but I an sure someone here has them. (Edwin for sure would know). You'll fry a clutch fast if it is out of adjustment. The noise on your front wheel could be your brake dragging. Seems like mine always has just enough pressure to make a scraping sound. Jack the front up and spin the wheel while listening to where the noise is coming from. Just in case your issues are not this easy I hope they gave you a warranty on it being sound.

I use Adobe Reader to save downloads. It's free if you need it.
This takes a while to download. Watch the progress bar.
Page 0B-13 for clutch cable adjustment.
Can't say I never gave you anything. LOL
Let us know how it's going.
You might want this.
Use the small, green download button at the top of the page

Good morning to you all,
Thank you all again for the response and advice. It's the first time I participate in a blog of any kind and honestly I'm impressed as to the friendliness you all show here.
Valerie, I have viewed a few YouTube videos that shows exactly what you are saying, as for the noise in the front, I rode the bike yesterday and realized that most of that noise was coming from the gap between the windshield and the headlamp cover. the wind sips thru and thus creates the noise. By the way I got a 24 month warranty on the bike.
Edwin, thank you for the manuals, they will come in handy, I have a small body shop in Orlando Florida and like to repair my own vehicles. So the manuals will help guide me in case I need to do any kind of repairs and maintenance.
I was able to save them to my files with no problems. Thank you!!

Glad we could help. Also glad to hear they gave you a warranty

Edgar ... we've all got two heads (or a scar where one was removed!) and one eye in the centre of lour foreheads ... but you are right ... we are a friendly bunch

Hi Edgar - G'Day from COOMA NSW Australia - Welcome to the site - Post a couple of pics and/or a vid or two, always get a few replies from the guys & gals here - Good bunch of biking dudes & dudettes Smiley-laughing
and Peter - I didn't realize that you were an EX Taswegian Smiley-laughing
Cheers & Ride Safe ...PS - I hope you get the Bike Sorted ....

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