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Fitting a National Windshield around existing lightbar

Hi...I have an '05 V Star 1100 classic which I added a lightbar to. I'm looking to get a National switchblade chopped removable windshield for highway riding this summer. As I don't want it on all all the time, and wanting to remove it at will, does anyone know if it will a.) fit with the lightbar, and b.) have the clearance to be removed due to the lightbar? (note that I had to space the lightbar a couple of inches forward so it would clear the forks)
Also, I want to add lower deflectors to eiminated helmet bob, and looking to add the more subtle Memphis (clear) lowers as I dont like the big metal look of the National brand - especially if/when I remove the windshield. Will the 2 brands work together? 



Sounds like your going to need to do some fabrication work. If you get all the mounting brackets you should be able to fab up a solid mount to the tree and bars. If you can't find any lowers you like you may want to make up a set. Get some Plexiglas and a few turbo t bolt clamps. The clamps will mount to the shock covers at the top. I made a set for my 07 Stratoliner and they work great only cost 15 bucks.
This all depends on your skills at fabing stuff up. Have you looked into a quick release unit that Yamaha made for your bike? There may be some on eBay or other site for sale. I think you may have to do a little fab work with them also due to the way your DR lite are mounted.

Hi Wayne ... thanks for the tips ... I really would prefer to get the removable fork mounts for the windshield, but I'm not sure the clearance when removing the shield due to the lightbar.. maybe Ill just take the plunge/chance and order them (windshield and quick release brackets) ... in the worst case scenario I would perma-mount the windshield... I'm pretty good at fab-ing so I may take a crack at making the lowers and design some kind of quick release brackets for them - that is if the windshield will remove..if it won't then everything will be perma-mounted

Sounds like your going to have some fun mounting and fabing up brackets.

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