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Fjr1300 vs VStar 1300 tourer

I live in Mexico and we do quite a bit of touring down here as well as going up to the US. Looking at a 2016 tourer OR FJR-ES. Wanting to get everyone's opinion on long trips comfort and reliability regarding both of these. What's the ride difference and buffering like? I like the BNW RT1200 but reliability is an issue. Down here we have a number of speed bumps or as they call them topos and I'm always concerned about scraping the bottom of the bike. Currently have a Suzuki 800 (C50T) tourer and a CanAm. Both have a bottom clearance of 4.5 to 4.9 inches. Thx!.




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Ground Clearance
FJR 1300 / A
130 mm / 5.1 in.

V Star 1300 Tourer
144.78 mm / 5.7 in

Personally, I'd go with the FJR. I've been North to South thru Mexico to Belize and Guatemala and back The 1300 is not a bad bike but the fairing and screen block a lot of wind and it can be a bit toasty. It has a softer suspension which won't like the topes. Yes, I have hit one going to fast and it is truly a bad experience.
If you go with the FZR, you will want the comfort seat option or a aftermarket seat. You may consider risers for the bars. It depends on how the bike fits you.

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