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Foot pegs

Can you take the foot pegs off of an 1100 custom and place on a 1100 classic?



As long as the bracket that the Peg mounts on for the Custom has the same bolt position as the Classic to mount to the frame then I would say yes. Obviously the Classic has boards rather than pegs, hence the need for the whole frame bracket from the Custom.
Search the appropriate models here.
I borrowed your link Edwin!

The custom and classic are the same exact bike just different cosmetics I wouldn't think Yamaha would change the foot bracket mounts on the frame for each model. Just trying to see if anyone has done it.

Have a look at the link, custom shows pegs classic shows boards !

i dont think you can

Yeah the brackets look the same you just have to change the shifter lever. Brake pedal is in same position.

Cool, looks like it's a goer then. Post a photo after it's done.

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