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fouled plug

i ride a 99 suzuki intruder vl1500lc last year the fuil pump went out so put a new one on this year i had new cobra drag pipes put on and had the carbs rebuilt and a new battery and it ran great for two weeks then it started back fireing then died so i pulled the plugs the #1 plug was fine but #2 plug was fouled with carbon now about every 100 miles i have to pull #2 plug and clean it also put new coil and plug on #2 but it is still fouling out  should i take it to a dyno and have them set carbs not sure if its in the signal generator or the igniter or stcky valve any help would be awsome what is the next step 




"Dry fouling, or carbon fouling, is often caused by an overly rich condition, and the problem may lie with your air cleaner (clogged) or carburetor. Other possible causes could be low compression, vacuum leak, overly retarded timing, or improper spark plug heat range."
On All Cylinders
I think you can rule out timing as it's only one plug. A simple compression test and a leak down test will check the compression and valves. Vacuum leak is a possibility. You don't need a Dyno to synch the carbs.
Home built
Store bought
or you can use vacuum gauges.

thanks i will look into these pdf will post if i get it fixed thank
s again

well i spent all day yesterday cleaning the carbs it seems to have helped i thought that when i had it in the shop that i made it clear that i wanted the carbs rebuilt but it looks as though they did not do as i asked so iam going to do it myself i got a new air filter on its way here but after all the cleaning i done now it will bog down if i try to rap it out in first gear it backfires also it dose not want to idle down when i down shift like coming to a stop sign its a good 45 seconds before it idles down i have not checked the plugs yet as its after 10pm in NE OHIO and last night after i finished working on christina i had a few to many beers and had to go to work so i am beat any help as to were to start look for this fix thanks for the help with other stuff it does shit and get in the other gears does this bike have a rev limiter on it and something is not letting it start unless its on the charger when the charger reading says that battery has 13 volts and is at 100% it does act as though it has a dragy starter so maybe it just a dirty connection at the starter loking into that tomarrow

Start by cleaning your battery ground connection at both ends. Clean the positive terminal and connection as well.
Clean the starter wire connections. Check your timing. The starter may have carbon build up which isn't that hard to clean.
I would seriously consider having the carbs ultrasonically cleaned and installing a good re-jet kit. Ultrasound can get into the places other methods can't. Might consider having the outside of them vapor blasted at the same time. If you can't find one local, there are online services.

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