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Found Kyle's work place           Kyle is making video's like when he was at CCC  and Looks like this place Has tons of stuff. All you old guys that remember  just take a look.



I get "error 404" when I try to open the link Wayne...

Me too.

I got the same thing I just hit the video tab and it came up.

Ignore the error .message .. call up the website , hit the
menu icon top left hand side , scroll down the list of topics until you see ‘videos’ ... tap on that and therrrrrrres Kyle!

That's our Kyle alright.

Yes!! This bike shop Kyle works at (more like motorcycle megastore) is huge, and has amazing range!! We surprised him with our visit when we were in the states in Nov, and he gave us a bit of a behind the scenes tour and helped us pick out helmet and gloves which we bought to spend a few days riding. We took over our own bike jacket, pants, boots etc (which I wore on the plane ) but we wanted to buy USA helmets we can’t get at home and take them back to Australia with us, which we did.

We could have spent a whole day there browsing! Bikes, gear, parts and accessories. You name it! We didn’t even get time to see it all at our leisure. If you get near San Bernardino I highly recommend you drop in!

P.S. does it make me an old guy cos I remember??

No Dim. Maybe semi old scribe. Smiley-wink

I might just take a ride down there cause it's only 20 hr ride.

Scruffy, oh good! Cos it was only a 20 hour flight for us!!

I get to get off . See the sites along the way. I will get to experience that 20 hr flight in November.. I'm glad you guys had a good time here.. I know my wife and I will have a great time down under meeting up with Peter and Steve ,Trish.

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