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You should put this on the home page if it is not already there

I was wearing my sweat shirt yesterday. Now isn't that a coincidence????

i can't find mine but now it as hot as all get out i'll find the dane thing . just like being marred you find the next miss wright but now you forgot were she was

my nearly a pint glass was killed in the dishwasher Uwe

Hagar, Hagar, Hagar..mate, you know you shouldn't use detergent or really wash your "almost a pint" glass.
A bit of hot water and paper towel and away you's ready for its next beer! lol
Uwe, can we have the next version made larger and out of bulletproof glass?

Great idea, Rick, I added it to the home page.
Phil, doesn't surprise me, isn't that the only sweatshirt you have?
Hagar, I washed my pint glass many times in the dishwasher - did you clean motorcycle parts in there at the same time? I think the next one will be made out of billet aluminium Smiley-wink

LOL I use my pint glass all the time and wash it in the dishwasher. I love my sweatshirt too Smiley-laughing

Uwe. Yes.

Sorry Uwe just tring to get a free one lol

billet aluminium ....yep I will have one of them even if I have too shell out some ozzie dollars for it .

I only just found out about this, Thanks UWE, I-m so happy ^^ I-m so happy

My almost a pint glass is hand washed only so it will last me a long time.

Got my pint glass and t shirt few months back, good quality stuff....only 1000 points till the sweatshirt !

When i get my glass, ill be drinking my Honey Beer out of it. GLUG GLUG Smiley-wink ;-) Smiley-wink

Heck, I haven't been paying attention to my points, almost have enough for 2 glasses. I believe one should get another glass at 4000 points as some are 2 fisted drinkers. I always believe somethings are better as a pair. Went to get my glass, guess what, they're out of stock. Glad my other glasses are working okay, that is the ones on my nose.

Got the keychain and pint glass a long time ago and never got a t-shirt. Won't wear a sweatshirt so I just put in for a t-shirt Smiley-laughing

Terry (crAzyAce)

Hagar...they are FREE! Although I did look them up at one point and it said something like $0.04.... Just sign up as a new member witha new name...say Hagar2... clock up enough points..... lol

Oh....I was going to buy a couple of Tees ( I didn''t get a free one in my last order the other week) and saw them on sale at $19.99...I thought that was full price... but the freight made them too expensive for me to advertise. Guess I'll continue to wear my Sunday ones....the "Holy" ones.

yep me too Al the Tees are a good price but the postage to OZ is hash . AT the moment Iam tring to buy a Kuryakyn Bag but the postage is 170.00 US dollars the bag is 163.00 us dollars . My local dealer is finding out what he can get them for but said he would be getting from the US so I can't see them getting the cost below 300.00Au dollars .

Uwe help

Did you say HASH, where, where. Up in smoke, that's where i wanna be, i take a tote, & all my troubles go up on Smoke. Wacko :$ Wacko

Ha ha ha...that's gold Allen ! Bwahhahaha !

Uwe, it's not the only sweatshirt Phil has, it's the only clothes he has. He washes it with his almost pint glass. Come to think of it I never got my keychain, I did but a new tee for Annie but it came with the Jardine mounts. Postage is pretty harsh fron the states tho. I think we should have a week end ride every 3 months, invite Uwe and get him to bring our orders as hand luggage.

Hey, your using you head for something useful Beachy, Good one mate, But, i think if UWE done that he'd have to hire a jumbo just for him & our stuff, we may send him broke, LOL LOL LOL

Hi Hagar,
I forwarded your message to the CC team, $170 doesn't sound right ...

And I thought the postage in the states was bad, wish there was a better way... know send Vardy to the states and he can pick it up for you. I wonder if he got his windscreen while he was here?

He did Bill....tried to smuggle it back as a spare for the plane..... lol (Not sure if he actually did get it. He didn't bring the Cobra 6/6 pipes back for my Valk....;-()

Just some thing i learned from AUSTR POST, if you posting some thing, say, Like a seat to Metcruze, don't put it in a box, As they weigh, then measure, you get charged for size & weight, If you put it in a bag, You only get charged for weight, the diff is, $60 both way's box, $30 both way's bag. I-m so happy ^^ I-m so happy

paper or plactis sir

it been thata way for years even letters now say a seat weight 30lb small box less bigger box same weight alot more any thing you can take out of a boxput in letter maler alot less a small iteam use a heavy letter less size matters not to much the weight till you get over 70 lb u. s . it all up to you and the shipper . will you let them put in a smaller box . exhastes gasket so come in a small box take them out and put in a normal letter and shipp to oz for $4.00 u. s. box $20.00 comes down tohow much you like topay for cardboad

Yes i'd happily work there along side you mate, Have packed Mcycle parts in the past for a job, So no prob, I'm glad i got all my stuff in 2008, For two big boxes, 4ft x4ft x1ft, $300 postage from US, & two weeks to get here. I think there (POSTAL) ARE TRYING TO RIP US A NEW ONE. GGGGGRRRRRR

My cobras came from cc and even after postage they were $400 cheaper than I can buy them here. The problem with a warehouse here is the import duties would put the price back to what we pay here anyway.

Oh are'nt you a smart little cookie Beachy. LOL LOL LOL

2008, Got V & Hines straight shots $358, K & N Filter $45, Front crash bar $165, Progressive front fork springs $74, back progressive shocks 4 way adjustable nitro gas $238, Guards/Tank edging $20, Exhaust here they wanted $1,600 fitted, progressive F/BACK $800, K&N $80, Crash Bar $600. I-m so happy ^^ I-m so happy

Oh, All from CC.

Shipping and duty to Canada was bad but not that bad. I will say it has gotten better but it does seam the OC had some issues.

It certainly woul be worth looking into especially if there are govt incentives. I have been looking at importing for my wrought iron business but unfortunately the quantities I need are not as high as the OS companies want to sell me. The prices are great but I could not afford to sit on$100k of imports for years to make a few extra dollars.

You were lucky to get that deal from Peter Stevens. They lost a sale of an xvs650a from e 2 weeks ago because the dumb a$$ salesman could not be bothered returning my call. I had cash and would have picked it up hhe day I asked but he didn't ring me back as he promised.

CC could not go wrong with a warehouse here you and I could run the show and get Allan to be the delivery dood

Done deal Rob. He can stock the shelves..... Without a forklift Smiley-wink
And I can be the official tester!

Can I run the bar????????????????????????????

I'll sit behind it and "Test" all the alcohol for quality and proper taste.

FYI - All FREE Gift Request orders have been placed and are up to date. Read about it here:

Now you're talkin, Let me know when happy hour is because thats precisely when my order is coming in...

Well that just sent them to the wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey wait a minute!!! Uwe offered me the Ozzie CCC warehouse job over dinner before the Canberra ride.....

Ware house, bar, bikes, the only thing missing is the dancing girls!

Hey Crazy, didn't you get the memo, i'm the Official Tester, BEER Tester, BIKE Tester, PART'S Tester, I may let you sample some, But, Only after they pass my Testing Offialdom. Yahoo *yahoo* Yahoo

Oh by the way, Rob & Beachy, Many have tried to work me into the ground, BUT, I'm still hhhheeeerrreee. Wacko :$ Wacko

How about a CC patch for 10,000 points ? Smiley-wink

Yes Rob, he probably was just stringing me along. lol Bought a new USA number plate for the garage wall the other day....."QIT-925"..... and yes, I've quit 9 to 5 ...or any other hours for that matter. Feeling more like becoming a hermit day by day.

I would go for the 4'' CC patch at 7500 points, and the 11'' CC patch at 10,000 points !!!


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