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FREE Gifts For Members: September Orders Placed

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! 

All FREE Gift orders for September have been placed. If you have filled out the FREE Gift Form in August or September, your order has been placed and your goods will be on they way in the next 24 - 48 hours. Thank you all for your participation. 

If you are wondering about what the FREE Gifts are or how you receive them... Uwe has outlined it here in this Discussion called 
Free Gifts for Members

There were not that many entries this month for FREE Gifts. If you are entitled, fill out the form and I will get them on the way! 

Thank you all for your participation!!!
- Kyle Bradshaw 
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Gee thanks guys, I see I have an item ( T11260938 ) on its way, even as we speak - very appreciative, wishing you all the very best.....cheers

...Its arrived! its arrived! - oh I'm a happy little Vegemite, as bright as bright can be - I love to have my Vegemite for breakast lunch and tea......thanks guys

Thank you Kyle....................If mine dont come , can I have Phils ? must have will happen in the fullness of me, I'm a Jedi.

Thanks Kyle, pretty cool getting stuff for having a good time Smiley-laughing

Wish I had some " FREE GIFTS " ........... someone stole my BEER glass at Myrtle Beach....... my T-shirt got ripped while I was fighting a shark to save that baby at the beach and my sweatshirt was given to a cold , shivering homeless man at the beach................Im not going back to the beach ..........anymore !

Ken.... are you writing a country song? Next I'll find your wife ran off with the homeless man, your dog got run over, you can't pay the rent, your beers gone flat......coz you don't have a glass to put it in......

Al that will never happen Flat beer at Kens not very likely!!! lol

And when you stop listening to country, you'll get it all back LOL

True Albert , it ALL has happened , but the BEER part ! I will drink out of bottles until I get another glass. Crosby , I never have been one to listen much to country music , but like you said , it can be detrimental to your health and well being !

Onya Ken Smiley-laughing

OOOOOHHHH Ken......I'll give ya the shirt off my back, your hav'in a tuff trot an I feel for ya......(its got a few beer stains on it, pretty hard to see less ya look real close)

WOW! A baby on the "beach" from a "shark"? Ken, you've been indulging again haven't you? Sharks don't attack babies "on" the beach. Only in the "water". Can I have a hit of that stuff bro?

Thanks Phil , stains dont bother me ! And Chris , it was a "land shark " ! And yes , you can have a "hit " anytime...Im not stingy !

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