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i got the crabs oneces form some new caps from cc does that count if so i dont wanted any more free grifts . there nice and all and keep me warm at night not the caps the crabs

Ok buddy, enough is enough. Throw out those bloody green ones and don't buy any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the caps and the side way walkers as well would be my suggestion. You are definitly on the wrong mix King.
I think you need to check him out Dr phil.

I have 33,000 + points .............can I get Phil shipped to Tennessee for a visit ? If not , a lifetime supply of BEER glasses will do !

Ken....the life time supply of glasses may be the more practical.

Yeah Albert it may be more practical , but look at all the FUN I could have with Phil ! No more "long distance aggravating " !

Yeah... no more buffer zone..... lol

Free gift orders are up-to-date! All requests through today have been fulfilled.

Therefore I should have a glass when I get home from my trip. Will need it as I will be rather parched after 3 weeks in the midwest heat.

Got all my gift's, & love every single one of them, Thank's CC

Thanks Kyle , will be standing by the mailbox waiting........unless its raining.... or I have to get a BEER ....or I have to "pee" ..........or I want to take a minute to get on here and torment Phil , Rick and James !

Torment them.....AGAIN? l;ol

Sorry Albert , old habits are hard to break !

Kenmode, I have been insulted by experts, you do not worry me!!!

Al I think hes talking about us again.


Not talking about you are my BEST "long distance " FRIEND ! You too Albert and James and Rick and ....and ... and all the "oh , and Wayne and ..... Love all you guys , Im just an "ass " sometimes , but you all keep me GROUNDED !

Robin , could your "contacts " get Phil to the good "ole USA ? Im tired of "tormenting" him "long distance " !!

Don't worry Ken, i'll keep up the fight for you mate, Only when you get a bit tired OK, Now what were you saying about Phil again..... LOL LOL LOL

Which time , I talk "fondly " of Phil all the time.....usually !

So, it's only when your Unusualy unusual, That you don't, I'm soooooo confused... LOL LOL LOL

Im confused also Allan....what were we talking about....this time ? You need to come over to MY neighborhood my friend...think of the "chaos " we could cause !

Kenmode, I rate you among my friends also. It's great that this site has brought so many so close.

Thank you Phil....just wished we lived a little closer ! Think of how many people we could "terrorize" if we did it together ! Be good my friend and be SAFE........its time for me to call it a night..........4:58 am here....that is kinda like saying" Work time in 3 hours !

We could destroy the world. Then in the afternoon we could rest!!!

And drink beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never rest, CHAOS Rule's

Right Allan..............CHAOS does play a major role in the whole scheme of things...Great minds think alike............if only we could find a few ! Be safe and have a good week "ole buddy !

You too mate

Ken..... I'm to blame for Phil....I was the 1st to welcome him....It's all my fault. lol

OH, So als, we can pick on you for that now mate LOL LOL LOL

If you want Dood.....I have broad shoulders...and a fat gut and other imperfections. lol

You need glasses Rob!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe beer glasses! ie beer goggles Smiley-wink

Thanks Rob. lol
Steve maybe the women you drink with need the glasses/goggles. lol

Lets talk about FREE stuff some more ! I havent gotten any in at least.... 2 weeks ! Anybody else in the same situation ?

Yes same here Ken. Very disappointing

Adrian , maybe we can COMBINE our points and "trick " them ! I could use more BEER glasses ! Its hard to keep just three "chilled " at all times !

Look at the glasses i got from Dan Murphy Ken, they hold 500mls, Cost me $12 aussie dollar's for 4, BARGAIN

Dan that a company ?

Yes Ken
you can get all your refreshment needs looked after at Mr Murphy's grog shop

Ken no point in having glasses unless they are full, single malt whiskey for me please

Now your talking Beachy mate, a man after my own heart....LOL LOL LOL

Go to bed , you all are talking about BEER. Just woke up , your still talking about BEER...................I knew there was a reason I liked you guys ! Time for breakfast......BEER and Captain Crunch !

Congratulations Ken, you posted the 101st comment in this thread. Have a beer!

Beachy. Don't give him any comments he might interpret as a compliment or an encouragement!!!!!!!!!!

Is it ok if they are complimentary encouragement?...encouragingly complimentary.....?

Well, guess what turned up in the mail today? A key ring, tshirt and glass. I thank you very much ccc and uwe.

I've worn out my t-shirt and pint glass. Can I get another?

Wait your turn Chris................Ive been waiting since we saw each other last.....................about 2 years ago in Panama City maybe ?


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