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Ken you need to come visit more often. What's a piddly little 10 hour ride. I promise you can sleep on the floor. Hehe. See you in may.

If I cant cuddle next to you , Im not coming........10 hours , I cant hardly stay awake that long !

Certainly can't stay sober that long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damnit Phil....Ive stayed SOBER longer than 10 hours......If I recall , back in 1966 , my first year of elementry school , I was kicked out for a WHOLE week ( for drinking) and stayed SOBER the WHOLE time !

And may I add , that was ONLY because Mom and Dad figured if I cant go to school , I dont nneed "lunch " money !

Albert , when I say someting , you can "take it to the bank " ! Anybody that knows me can tell you....Im not one to "make up " stuff !


Phil if you keep swearing like that they ban ya from the

Oh shit!! Didn't think of that. Thanks for the heads up.

You lot will be in the restricted section with a large amount of alcohol Smiley-laughing

Now there is a great idea!! Restricted with alcohol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kat, I feel embarrassed. I forgot to speak on behalf of my mate KM. I know for a fact he would love to be restricted with alcohol!!!!!!

What's that you said? In restraints with alcohol?

Yeah. That's right. I was talking about kenmode!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nah. Just kenmode having dreams again!!

pink handcuffs?

He'll take them any colour you want to use!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now now! Mr Phil. Ken only likes blue handcuffs to match his bike. He does have morals you know.

Keeps them very well hidden!!!!!!!!!!

Correct again Phil but Kens paying me to help him respond to the constant onslaught of comments you are launching on him. He wants you to know he loves you but is very hurt by all the crude malicious and slanderous statements you have been barraging him with. He says its got to stop or it will drive him to DRINKING.

The form starts at 1000 points not 500? You need at least 1000 points for a key chain and T-shirt.

He's tough. He'll cope. I like it when I get the blame for other peoples shortfalls. I take great pride in the fact that I have contributed to his lifestyle and sense of innate freedom.

Thank you Phil....if I wasnt for you , I would lead a.............SOBER lifestyle ! What an ugly thought ! Thanks Chris....can always count on you to watch my back ! And ANOTHER thing....whats wrong with handcuffs? As long as their not on the "other end " of a policeman , they can be fun !

And to think this all started with points and gifts and shit like that.

Spirit7, that is what hijacking a post in the most professional way is all about!!

Well Chris (spirit7) you can send me and Phil some "gifts " if it will make you feel better ! ( Wrap mine good so the dogs dont smell it )

Hi falks
I'm a fresh in membership ,mature in age ,but always enthusiastic biker .Far away from the states (Greece) , and I start feeling like been in a warm family environment within your ,our, community .From my place I wish to offer informations concerning my homeland for those who wish to travel overseas and visit Greece .I will upload pictures and / or videos from various places (in Greece) .I hope and wish to be a plus in the community .That's all for now .enjoy life riding .

Welcome aboard Thanassis. this is a great site and we would love to get information about your home country. Enjoy the site and be active. It helps.

Welcome and please do share your pics, would love to see them!

same here Thanassis. I'm looking forward to some pictures as well

Welcome Thanassis! Visited your lovely country many years ago! Looking forward to hearing more fom you and seeing many videos and pictures!
Enjoy the site! Smiley-laughing

Welcome Thanassis! I have always wanted to visit Greece. Would love to see some photos!

WELCOME Thanassis...........Watch out for these folks....they are "under the influence " and dont know what they are talking about................most of them anyway....except me and Phil !

how many pointes for a set of new legs . i real could use them

You dont need NEW legs Clyde..............just eat more " muscular in -adequate " EVERY time ! Hope your feeling better my friend...come see us sometime !

Welcome to the site. Nothing to see here but motorcycle riders who love to talk about everything under the sun and have loads of fun laughing at each other while...... oh dang. I'm rambling again. Welcome to the site Smiley-laughing

YEAH! Welcome thanasis. The more the merrier. Hope you enjoy it here.

real big welcome Thanassis we would love to see as many pics as possable .

And from me also welcome Thanasis, great site because of the people looking fwd to your pictures posts and videos

Uh oh .................hes not been back ! That seems to be an ongoing thing around here ! Do you suppose the poor fellow thinks we are " mentally cahallenged " ?



Glad its not "us " that ruined it for him..............right Phil...right Chris ?

Hi Ken how ru bro in good humor I see

Hello Wayne....fine as usual ............woke up breathing , stayed out of jail over the weekend its not raining today ! Starting out just GREAT !! Hope you have a GREAT week also !

Very glad KM. Wouldn't want people thinking we say or do the wrong thing here.

You too mate.

Phil , if you and I didnt "do " or "say " the wrong thing , they might think were sick...........or worse !

Bloody hell. Can't have that!!!!!!

Rob and Phil.... at the same time !! Let the FUN begin ! Who is OUR first victim of the day ?


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