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Don't ask me that question. I might give an undiplomatic answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wasnt this about " FREE " gifts to begin with.......lets get back on track and aggravate UWE.........for not sending us our "stuff" yet !

I want my stuff and I want it now!

Calm down Chris............its on the way , and if you need it real fast , I will give you some of mine in May !

Send my mug, tee, sweat (2xl ... yeah it's the Aussie beer) pint glass to als1953.... I don't need a keyring. lol

roadie when did you pick up the Valk mate

oh and good luck getting a real pint glass out of the yanks mate .

Bloody hell hagar! I'd better check. I need it for a triathalon at 6 tonight!!!!

Hagar...seems Roadie ditched his Valk now.

yeah I see he stole a 109

NOT mine though.... bloody crooks around here. lol

His profile pic will go next I suppose......
He won't be on the road again.


Kyle, has gone over and above to prove CC do support their members, thank you.

Cool, now I know how that works.. Gonna take a while to get all those points...

indeed Smiley-laughing Billet Aluminium would be awesome to have as a drinking implement lol could use mothers car polish when you clean it up and make your beer shine with PRIDE Dirol

Only about 500 points until my sweatshirt. ..not long now

LOL, funny Reb..Thanks for the patches Kyle! You guys always come through..

Just wondering, I ordered my keychain, t-shirt and pint back in March.... Have not received them yet. Have they been shipped?

WOW, You should have got them by now Red, I think mine took about 3 week's to come to Austr

That is what I was thinking, but got nothing..... Was looking forward to getting them

Not sure Kim, but I don't think they ship until you reach 5000 points. Don't hold me to that but I believe that's how it works.

Chris . Annie got all but the sweatshirt recently so I guess a caller email to CC might be needed

Hello from France:

I know I have been away for a problem of health but I was wondering if anything had changed in the points and ranking status?

Nothing has changed. April and May FREE gifts will be processed this week. If you are due some goods, please fill out the form and it will be handled.

Hello Kyle, nice to read you I see from FB that you and yours are still going strong. With 119.073 points what do I get for passing the 100.000, A new Bike.?

A new bike would be fantastic!
You will have to ask Uwe about that one Smiley-wink
I totally love your motorcycle trailer! Quite an engineering feat...
Take care Tony

Glad to see you back Tony. I hope you are feeling better and your health is improving ! Prayers are with you my FRIEND. The " LEAST " you should get Tony is a NEW " gift bag " ! Not the kind I get...( shirt , beer glass and keychain ) but I believe a new SEAT , EXHAUST system , braided CABLES and new Tires would be good for starters !If you need any of the "conventional " gifts , got plenty I will share with you !! Really is good to see ( hear ) from you ! Take care my FRIEND !

Thank you for your thoughts, I am still alive, but things could be better, the thing that bugs me is that I worked like slave all these years and at the end you are worth 0 in the eyes of the governement that you have paid into all this time.
Now I am trying to sell the shirt of my back to live, but with kind words like yours it helps the day pass, thank you and those who are not as idiot as they seem.

It is a shame all your life for "what ". I hope you know that you have " MANY " friends on CC that are more than willing to HELP any way possible. We all care !

Bloody Hell Tony.....I'm still behind. Mate I know exactly what you're saying about busting your balls all your life and the government etc not giving a stuff. It's a world wide thing man. Good to see you still around. Great to see you here and fb. Take care.

nothing better then getting free stuff

do points keep adding up after you get your first reward or do they reset at 0

They keep adding up zukirider !


The gifts are great, just working on my sweatshirt now Biggrin

Why don't you get some larger sizes made us big blokes always miss out ....... no fair

@ dan i compromised and got a full set of 4 almost a pint glasses instead of a sweatshirt lol i would have cut the sleeves off of it anyway like all my shirts Smiley-laughing so the glasses work out for me in the long run

Theres an edition sleeveless CC shirt...I'd love one !!

With a sharp pair of scissors anyone can have one.

@ Folbz lol my t-shirt is sleeveless already LOL first thing i did after trying it on was cut the sleeves off Smiley-laughing and hell yeah it is far more comfortable than with the sleeves on it Smiley-laughing

Does it make it easier to find your muscles Reb? lol

nope just easier to ride and feel the free AC LOL

Hey Dan , I didnt forget you my FRIEND ! You will receive a package from " TENNESSEE " as soon as I find something "worth " sending..... ( that and something that will make it through " customs ! "

thanks Ken

Ken... move to South Australia....they have a refundable deposit on drink bottles and cans....... will reduce your expenditure. lol

Good idea Albert , I should be able to live for nearly nothing !!

That's for sure. Ken might even make a living at it. Lol

lol you guys kill me Smiley-laughing


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