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free shipping and items on sale

you schould make items on sale or free shipping for more than 1 day only or this weekend only,by the time i check my email its always over.
other sites do that too,and when i see it,its over. 
lots of people go away for the weekend or are busy and dont go on some times for a day or 2,ha
  i just think you would sell more if you had a sale for a week at least. i bought a lot of stuff on here before,and i like the free shipping,and i think other people do too. 
   free shipping over 100.00 or 150.00 usa schould be all the time,and i think people would buy more.  i know you have a lot of people from australia,costs a lot to ship there,i know,i used to sell on ebay,ha 
  but maybe give them some kind of a good deal too to make them happy,ha
something for free would,i think.
  like,maybe some chrome polish,or a patch,i know they like them,ha
or a sewing kit,ha   hope they dont get mad at me
i love all the people on here,and wish i could meet them all,help them with their bikes,and ride with them someday and buy them all a drink and have some laughs with them,ha
  this is a great site and iv been on here a lot this winter,thanks



Very good ideas Nicky but....... What about Europe??? Smiley-wink

Maybe it's a kind of policy making a one day offer makes people visit the site more often? You have good ideas but I think when they give everything for free the site wouldn't be there for a long time anymore! Smiley-laughing

Cool idea I-m so happy

Free shipping ??? We wish !!

ha,costs a lot to ship to Australia,i sold a pair of fry boots to some guy there,the shipping was a lot so they sent it by boat,i told the guy,and he said,he wouldn't get it for 3 months,ha he would have paid extra shipping
but,when he got them,he loved them
so I didn't ship to Australia any more,ha
glad my ebay days are over,ha
china,england,south America,and japan was cheaper to ship to,ha

Go figure Nicky ... lots of price gouging in the Australian market for lots of things!

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