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Freedom of speech

I see after a long break from the site that some members want us to embrace the arab world. They refer to us western civilisation type people as racists. Any other religion can enter our fair countries and still practice their beloved religion and cultural ways. I have said it before and I'll say it again. Try going into an islamic or like minded nation and building a Christian place of worship. After you have accomplished this get back to me. Now I'm going riding again!




you know there just to much hate in the world today  .  so go ride and just hate away  but can you not do it here  go to www.pissed 

It's a sad fact of our times!!!

Riding clears the head and mind, so does being able to sit in a place of worship of your own choosing.

Does that not make them one of the same???

Go Clyde.

AHH religion, there was a video on the site at one time showing a product called Priest off and I think it should be expanded to cover all religions, I think that over the years it has caused the greatest divide between people ever,I dont mind at all if people like to believe as long as it isnt forced on any one else.This is not meant to upset or cause contrversy it is just my humble opinion, and I know this is a bike site and I probably shouldnt post this but its to late my hand is hovering over the button and oh no, to late

Just ride and have fun let the nonriders worry about the other stuff.

agree with both: it's said but hate away!

Piece brother! V

good words to live by tillydog  with 100%

hmm, haven't heard anything about this, members embracing arabic religion although you make a good point, at present in arabic countries it is a one way street, dictatorship has its rewards eh!  As far as I'm concerned sheiks are a dime a dozen in Canada, and I'm all for keeping it that way,,

Riding is twenty times more fun than hating, it;s a proven fact. But keep your smarts intact so's you don;t wake up one day to find your culture has been outlawed. You don;t need to be hateful but you do need to be wise.

You also need to know the difference between the comma key and the semi colon key. Bloody green pills all the keys look the same.

One day you will write about motorcycles, instead of your hate filled dribble. And get your facts straight. Before the super powers messed with Iraq and (Afganistan, pre Soviet occupation), both countries had high levels of health, education and were tolerant of other religions. Where do you get your world views, Picture magazine? If other races bother you so much, why don't you go tell an arab what you think of them, and stop whinging on this site. CCC not KKK

About bloody time I heard from you Tim I was starting to worry that you had gone soft on me. But you will never make me love Arabs old son. As a matter of fact I get my information from a truly believable  source. Not picture magazine but the irrefutable Mad magazine. It,s funny how that someone who says he refuses to read anything written by me always replies to the crap I post. I wish I could catch fish this easy.

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