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Front brakes 2010 stateline

When I hit front brake I hear a buzzing noise




Noises are caused by vibrations. Vibrations are caused by something either to loose or binding. Neither one is safe in a brake system. My pickup is on the rack getting the rear rotors replaced. Ar you planning on doing the work yourself?
Get it done before doing anymore riding. Let us know what you find and if you need more help.

Had bike at Honda shop, they said it was from the slotted disc in the front and I shouldn't worry 40% on pads left thanks will keep an eye on it
Thanks Edwins

I still would take a look at the pads. Look to see if the wear is even on inner and outer pads. NO taper or uneven wear. Check to see if there is any fluid leaking from the pistons. It won't take much to get a chatter. Jack your bike up and just check the run out on the rotors. If they are warped you will see it even a little bit. All these things are free to do yourself no need to pay any one for this kind of maintenance. Let us know what you find if anything.

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