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front cylinder not firing.

I just bought my 08 vstar 1300 tourer two weeks ago. put about ten miles on it with 7499 miles on it. I noticed it just didn't have the pick up I thought it should. The pipe got real hot and turned blue I figured out by touching the pipe as it came out of the cylinder that it was not firing. I took out both plugs and the front one was wet or oily so I cleaned it stuck it back in and had the same issue. Could it be anything other than the coil thanks. The dealer said they went through it all before I purchased the bike. When I removed all the covers to check out the issue I found rat poisan where the air breather goes. Although I don't believe this was the cause since the dirty air filter protected the intake, I figured this was from winter storage. Any input I would apprieciate. Thanks!




Ok you need to determine if there is spark on that cylinder to begin with. Will the dealer sort this out for you under warrantee since you only just bought it?

John ..... going through exactly the same problem with one of my bikes .... front cylinder not firing. Process of elimination. Replaced the spark plug leads; checked the plugs .... both firing fine; checked all the connections between the battery and the coil - all good; checked the electronic ignition module .... seems to be ok, with no obvious malfunction; checked the coil ..... one terminal not showing enough current on the voltmeter so new one has been ordered. If the problem persists after the coil is replaced next step is to undo the loom and see if there is a break in the wiring anywhere. If after all that if the cylinder is still not firing the next step is to burn the bike!!!

Aussie mates give good troubleshooting advice. However, my take on it is to run that thing back to the dealer and cry foul. That is a major engine problem if it was not noted at the time of resale. Even though it was a used bike, a reputable dealership should do more than say "they went over the whole bike." If you purchased with a Card, notify the bank. If you purchased with check, notify the bank. If you gave them real dollars, then hold their feet to the fire and negotiate the thing. Perhaps they'll take it back as you negotiate into another bike that works. Bottom line is that you should not have the burden of this product being sold with a problem. You are soon enough to redress the problem. Do it now.

100% on that Skeep.
I'm not sure how warranties work over there but there are statutory warrantee sand liabilities here did sold thru a dealership.

Agreed!! Getting the dealer to honour their warranty responsibility is the preferred option. Tracing electrical problems can drive you insane!

Missed this posting the first time around. I would be interested to hear what the dealer said. Oh, and was there an aftermarket fuel manager installed? eg Cobra or Power Commander

Front cylinder is cold at exhaust. Bike jas no power. Coils are firing on both plugs

Sorry wrong area to post.

Fuel pump

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