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Frustrating VS 1400 Intruder

Hello All,

Here is the situation the best way I can explain it. My brother bought a 1999 Suzuki Intruder. Rode it for about a year, then it started leaving him stranded. It sat all winter and spring in the garage. He made the comment that if I could get it running, it would be mine. This last Monday I decided to try it. It cranked!! I rode it all day with no problems. Started beautifully every time. The next morning, I wheeled it into the alley and started it up. It warmed up while I was getting my things together, then it died. Would not start again. I smelled fuel so I figured it flooded. That afternoon, I pulled the plugs, they werent wet, but I smelled fuel, so I cleaned and dried them and left them out overnight. Installed them the next day, put the choke on, and tried it. Still no start. There is fuel in the tank. I checked for spark, I get spark, but there is a little yellow in the blue. After reading the Clymer book I have, it stated that there should be a fat blue spark? The blue sparks I saw were not fat so to speak. I know nothing mechanically is wrong as the bike operated excellent all that Monday. I have automotive training, but no nothing about bikes......yet lol.  In saw something in the book about sticking floats. Could this be my problem? Is it difficult to check? I don't want to go too far into the bike untill I can knbow something more, or find another avenue to check before I go that far.   PLEASE HELP!!  I love the bike as it is just right for me, but I cant enjoy it in this garage.

P.S. My brother did have the kickstand shut off switch replaced, so I don't think thats it. 




First, check the sparkwith a new spark plug. If still no good, the next suspect is the coil. Make sure the connection are good, A bad or loose ground can cause weak spark. If no luck you're going to need to start checking components, Since this seems to be Intruder week, I still had this open.

Edwin's. You are a little guru!!!!!!

Yes, thanks for this manual reference! I now know the year of my late friend's motorcycle! It will also help in my maintenance and whatever repairs I may have to make. Much appreciated!

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