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Fuel additives

Looking for advice on fuel additives to purge fuel system




SEAFOAM Stay away with anything with alcohol. Or just drain the fuel system and change your fuel filter..

agree seafoam

Wayne! You smart guy!
Seafoam all the way! Follow the instructions on the can, adding to the fuel tank.

Nate ready for Montana?
OH try and stay away from that bad ethanol fuel it causes all kinds of damage to bike engines and fuel systems.
Take a look at this site for locations of Ethanol free fuel..

10-4 on the ethanol!
They opened a Maverik store at the bottom of my hill this past spring - selling ethanol free pure gas! It's about $0.50 a gallon more than regular 87 octane (what I used to use in my VTX), but I'm okay with that for my bike and small engines.
I could swear my bike runs better on this stuff. Even though I don't need the higher octane, the ethanol is bad juju

Yes Seafoam. Ideally burn ethanol free gas as much as possible. My Rebel ran rough when I first got it 2nd hand with 840 miles on it. After burning 2 tanks of ethanol free through it, it purrs like a kitten now. Have 5500 miles on it now, still purring away with no adjustments, carb cleaning, etc done, just change of what type of gas it gets.

Seafoam all the way !

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