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Fuel gauge tachometer all-in-one unit

Got a  2004 Honda shadow sabre bought a 2 in 1 fuel gauge and tachometer. Its digital. The problem is where to connect the fuel  Wire because it never have a gas gauge.




Who made the gauge?

TSIF I got it on eBay

Exactly like that

Sent an email to the maker about what a garage door switch is.

Lol ok

Just did

Can you Recommend anything to the rectify the situation

See if you can get a refund. No response from the seller. Can't see how this could work without some sort of float and sending unit.

To late bought it may 11th past the 30 days. I give up do you know if the make a gas cap with a float for the VT1100C

Funny thing is that the 86 had one. They stopped using them on later models. They redesigned the tank. I haven't see a cap unit for your bike. Try this. Fill your bike, reset the trip odometer and ride till you hit reserve. Note the distance, Then, every time you fill up rest the meter.

That's what I've been doing I was hoping to find a gauge that would work Oh well guess not

That's what you have to look out for on the eBay made in china sites (not that there's anything wrong with that)...they all say 'fits xxx motorcycle' and even sometimes has a chart with all the model # that it fits ...then they don't either fit..or work ... may be what you have ... you could always get one of those BBQ tank strips which change color with the amount of gas left and stick it to the tank?

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