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Fuel mileage for 2002 Honda Shadow ACE

Hello and good day everyone. Is it common to get 37 mpg for a total of 143 miles on a tank of fuel for a 2002 750cc Honda Shadow ACE with 3000 miles on it? No matter being on highway or not At 143 it needs fuel. Is there a way to increase fuel mileage? 



Cruiser magazine reported 37—49 mpg, 43.4 mpg ave. when the bike was new. After 17 years of use, a few things will need attention even it has low mileage. The first that comes to mind is old gas having sat in the carburetor. I'd give it a dose of Seafoam. Then check the Carb intakes, Honda calls them insulators. Also, the vacuum lines. They get brittle with age.
A major tune up and service would be a good idea. Check the age and condition of your tires. Tires deteriorate with age even if they still look good.If your riding on the originals, DON'T.
Be safe.

Thank you Edwins for the information. I will look for the sea-foam and see about a tune up. She runs great and the tires are in great condition too. The bike was kept in a Environmentally controlled garage and a storage unit. Fuel has been changed out and tank cleaned. Hoses are still pliable and not cracked. Thank you again for the information Edwins.

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