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Fuel pump

Yamaha dealership says I need a new fuel pump. From them they are about $300 from Ebay or Amazon they are around $25 but have some mixed reviews. Fuel Pump Factory has them for about $70. Also found a used one from another vstar 650 for $20. The concern there is that the pump I have that no longer works has the same amount of miles on it as the used pump. Do pumos fail often or is buying a used one with 19,000 miles on it a pretty safe bet? I only payed $800 for the bike so I dont want to have to drop a ton of money into it. Options? Thanks!
Year 2000 bike





I'd skip the cheap ones. OEM's are to pricey. Upgrade with lifetime warranty.
You could go used but there's always a risk. Just make sure to change the fuel filter and check the tank for sediment and rust. I bought a endoscope attachment for my cell phone for just such occasions.

funny i was just thinking about mine,(it still works but i like to be prepared to spend the cash) and wondering about the cheap ones, they are probably coming out of the same factory, have you checked the reviews on youtube?

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