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Fuel tank

hello I  have a 2015 vstar  950,, according to manual it's a 4 1/2 gal fuel tank. When low fuel light comes on, it says I have 1 gal left. When I go to fill, it only takes bout 1 1/2 gal. that means there's like bout 3 gal left in tank. I'm confused as it did run out of gas other day but only needed little over 2 gals to fill. any one else have this problem ? Is the float in tank out of wack?  It's only couple years old.  Any comments appreciated. Thx Mike 




Wow on my vstar 1100 I have not fuel light or gauge. What's up with dat? Probably means you have 1 gal till you have to switch to reserve tank. Vstars are very generous on their reserve, like a third of your gas.

ON my Strat the gauge does not read quite correctly. When at empty I have at least 2gal left. When the light come on I have 22 miles to find fuel.

What I like to do is go on a long normal ride, not baby it or beat it, make sure it's full when you leave and bring a Gatorade bottle full of gas with you. When it runs out and need to switch to reserve how many miles have you been? When it runs dry how many miles? Dump in the bottle of gas you brought and go fill it up. Then you'll know how many miles of normal riding you can go and as you ride differently adjust your miles accordingly. Don't rely on gauge or light.

Known issue on the 950. The sensor is the culprit. If your still under warranty, make them replace it.

Drain your tank and make sure your float isnt caught up on anything or twisted on its own linkage

This makes me wonder because my new 2012 v star 950 had the gas light come on after I bought it, and it only took 2.5 gallons at the pump. I was surprised by that but, I have only filled it up that one time since I bought it this year and now I have put 130 miles on it since that fill up and the light has yet to come on. It is too early to tell if there is an issue with mine. I would also venture to guess yours is a sensor problem.

Sounds like it would be better to remove the light bulb and just use your trip mileage counter to know how much gas you've got. That pretty much what I have to do. At 135 miles I have to switch to reserve, then I've got 40 miles maybe more I don't ever chance the fate of running completely out of gas.

175 miles out of a tank i mean granted i only have a 4 gallon tank but at 75 miles im reaching for the reserve. It maybe running abit rich because it is braking up at the high end of the revs in every gear . Trust your trip meter

You have 25 freeway miles I got 27 once the light goes on. I found out on purpose on a long trip to bike week. At 50k miles approx my warning light stopped working so now I just fill up at 150 miles or check the tank for gas.

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