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Like it or not, electric bikes are upon us. Serious progress is being made. Having a couple of Degrees in electronics, I enjoy watching what's going on. Here's Eric's latest.



Still can't gas and go yet. Need to stay and charge up some place. Might be great in town but not for a long trip yet. They still need the price to come down a bit. Your right about the electronics and teck side of things..I like reading about them also..


Yeah,range, charge times and charging station availability are the limiting factors but: they keep working at it. I still think that a electric commuter bike and a bank of solar panels would be good. I saw on the news that they are in the initial planning stages for the Missouri Tube. Kansas City to St. Louis at 600mph (965.606km/h) for $30 a ticket is the plan.

I took a Zero electric motorcycle for a test ride. Holy Crow !! this thing went like a bat out of hell ! The draw back was is if you ride it hard you killed your range.
Right now I work part time out of DC Warf. There are electric scooters you can rent with an app. And there all over the place.

Because of the range limitations, I'm surprised that most electric bike makers still want their bikes to look like a version of a sport bike. I think they'd be far more widely accepted if they were built to be urban commuters, with space for a briefcase, or some groceries. I can't think of anything less useful than an electric bike that you can't take a day long road trip on, but won't carry anything bigger than your wallet (if you still have one after paying for the bike!)

Len, That's a good point. I can see electric Vespa scooters and such more practical. The one I brought up only had about an 80 mile range to it. But mad fast. I cant believe one will ever replace a Road King.

Take another look, you might be surprised.
and then there are these.

Last year, Zero Motorcycles unveiled their new Charge Tank accessory, which added an inverter to the longer range bikes. That allowed the bikes to charge at a Level 2 charger. The company claims the Charge Tank can allow charging up to six times faster than a standard wall charger.

Now Zero has announced that the new Charge Tank will be backwards compatible with all of their Zero S, SR, DS and DSR electric motorcycles from 2015 and later.

The Charge Tank can recharge a Zero S or DS ZF7.2 to 95% in just one hour.

but at 5 times the price of fuel. The electricity comes from somewhere that has to be powered by coal or nuclear, natural gas, Hydro power. This does not seem cost effective to me. Your just substituting one power source for another. The price of the Zero 30K now you have to buy a extra charge tank at what cost just to get to and from where ever you may want to go. I'm the gas guy it is everywhere and not all that expensive. I can ride a 1,000 mile a day if I want and Have, but that will never happen on any electric rig not without gas assist. I give you the tech is cool but not anything new, there were electric cars way back in the 1900's. The same thing applied then as now. No place to charge and not much range.

There is a big push here for the use of solar in KC. Even the utility companies are getting into it. Yes, the prices for electric bikes are way to high but, competition for sales will force them to become competitive or they will go bust. I am waiting to see if anyone will build a hybrid bike. We have self service electric scooter and bicycle rentals here. The convenience stores have been adding charging setups. If I were more able, I'd like to build a trike out of a Prius. That would be a fun project. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

Wayne ... you are applying logic to the argument ... something the Greenies never do!!

That's right ! There science is "well I feel..."

Just a couple questions who is going to be responsible for all the bad batteries these electric cars will have? Who will pay for the storage of these hazardous batteries where will the bury them, some Nuck site. There is going to millions of them all over the place .Herold an old friend had a Prius the battery was going bad. The dealer told him $8,000 replacement and he had to pay for hazardous disposal for his life time. He sold that thing and never bought another. They don't tell you that when you buy one. I have worked on all the battery operated equipment you can think of. It made me loads of $$$ over the years. I was never impressed with the cost of repair of these units . They were three to four time the Gas ,Diesel, LPG. units. I still not sold on a battery operated cars or equipment for that matter. except flash lights.. My experience is they cost 3-4 time that of gas. Just a couple other things to think about. Just like all the windmills around here .They are ugly and only 25% are even hooked the the grid. The life span is 25 years at best the payback is 30 years so why are we getting stuck for something that only works 45% of the time. I can't go one I'm getting to weard now.. Every one have a great ride on your gas motorcycle...

Yep. That's the one thing they hide about the battery. How and are they recycled? And the $$$$ to replace it.
I can see a windmill in an off grid setting. But the big ones are very expensive and kill birds right and left. The feel gooders have lobbied Maryland to put those things offshore in the Atlantic at our expense. First hurricane up the coast and there gone.

Yes, it's a scary world. Lead/acid batteries sitting by the roadside. Used motor oil seeping into the ground water. Used electronics whose transistors are made with arsenic and I wired up control panels for the Chrystal River Nuclear Power Plant. Just can't win.

... and the battery manufacturers are constantly on the lookout for exotic minerals they can use to extend the charge life and storage capacity of their batteries ... and those exotic minerals become toxic waste at the end of the battery’s life. It’s a death spiral.

Get out there and ride ride ride on your fossil fuel machines while you can.

To paraphrase the NRA, I will surrender my gasoline powered motorcycles when they prise my cold lifeless hands from the handlebars!!

I'm with Peter... They just found the biggest oil reserve ever in TEXAS..

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