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Gas fouled rear plug

My 1100 '95 virago has been fouling the rear plug for a while. How it's progressed to crackling and popping and nearly no idle. I ran seafoam through it a couple of times and that seemed to work for a while, but the problem persists. Any one recognize this problem?




Fuel fouled spark plug Black fluffy carbon deposits indicate an overly rich fuel mixture or possibly a weak spark. Check for such things as a stuck choke, a heavy or misadjusted carburetor float, a leaky needle valve in the carburetor, leaky injectors, low coil output or high resistance in the plug wires.

Wet spark plug A wet spark plug means the plug has not been firing. If not due to engine flooding, the problem may be a bad ignition cable (excessive resistance, shorted or arcing). But wet fouling can also be caused by dirt or moisture on the outside of the plug that provides a conductive path to ground, or by an internal crack in the ceramic insulator that shorts the plug to ground."
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