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gas leak??

I smelled gas in garage (had just filled tank).  Found a tube disconnected from back of tank and gas was dripping out.  reconnected, then saw that tube just went down to under bike and gas dripped out of tube onto ground.  Does anyone know why there is a tube that drains gas from back of tank?  Is it over flow? doesn't make sense to me.



SealedIf you just filled the tank. You may have got it too full. The expansion of the gas may have started the leak. When it's hot out over 80degs. I don't fill the tank to the brim. as it leaks out the cap Fuel expandes alot when getting warm.. This may have happened to your bike.,Hope you find it...

I'd say you over filled.

My Royal Star did this all the time if I put just a little tad too much in.

Mate, just your overflow from the filling neck. There's a builtin tube that collects from the inside of rim of the filling neck that then runs inside the tank and leads to this hose connection


catchyalata mate

Thank you all for the quick responses; I was a bit concerned.  I have learned today.  You guys are all awesome.

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