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Good bye CC

I give up. Now we are getting spam on the site. I get enough of this on FB Time for me to walk away
It has been a great site in the past and I have made some wonderful friends but this is saposed to be fun
I get blasted on my phone, FB and now here. Sorry I'm gone
Ya'll take care



Sorry to see you go Val because of this. I don't use FB and never will or use my phone for anything other than call, receive,message that's it. Safer that way.

I'm wondering Val if the moderators are able to stop that.

I reported it a few weeks ago but the spam is ongoing and hard to control.
I wish you well Val and if you want to post then do it on Diaspora.
It would be nice if all current members would join and use it.
We, the members control it.

Odd Val, I don't get any spam problems at all. Now I am only using a laptop only and running Microsoft Ad blocker. I get my share of idiots calling the house. The your " we need to check tour computer" nonsense calls. I tie up there time and drive them batts. Check with your carrier please.

I’m not getting any spam ... wonder what’s going on!! I’m about to post a photo and see what happens.

Guys, the spam is in most of the new members who have joined.

Some jackwad thinks they're funny. I've seen this happen on other site. I give them a snarkey reply in the comments and open another discussion.

I've never seen spam here............. maybe I'm not looking in the right places?

I use a laptop as well ... no spam - but under the Home tab - and on the left side I get these so called 'new members' usually a pic of some chick with a bike model under the pic - trolls!

I just took a peek at the set of new members. They all have some sort of plumbers.UK attachment on each one of there pages. Hmmm. I take it no one is watching the store if we report offences.

The moderators are struggling to contain them. The website owners should be monitoring these issues.

Don't click on any of the links from some new members.

Valerie ... don’t walk away ... best way to deal with them is to ignore them Smiley-laughing

There is the option for any member to “Report” members. This will then bring them to the attention of the moderators. Gert and myself spent considerable time going through the process recently. One of us doing the initial reporting, the other going through the review side. That should remove them. I said “Should”..... the system is not working and we really can’t get any responses from the new owners. is what it is. You can continue to report them. We will continue to look at them. Who knows? Someone might push the plug back in and make it work again.

To Report? Tap on the post the same as if you want to edit the post. There is a report option there.
Thanks all.

Yes. In the past I have pulled that trigger. If we see anything with a oddball suspicious link. I say report it anyway.

enplane the spam to me, whats happening

there is a number of new members, SYDN xxx with an attachment ( I think this is the root cause of the spam. DO NOT click on the attachment.

They all seem to be some plumbing company in the U.K. - could be a virus too - that's why I never click on these links - from the member names they seem like bots with 'key generated' names - don't know how all the different bike models are latched though?

The next question is how do we get rid of them?

Can we send them emails from this site through the 'message' tab without giving out our personal email? If so then we should barrage with messages telling them to stop

Gordo, we could send them messages but as I said above, there are so many, and the two active moderators have lives outside this page. Gert and I gave spent hours on the "Report" facility to no avail. We have looked at all manner of options but without the site owners (who don't want anything to do with us) input/assistance, we are powerless.

I would not open anything connected with them, or attempt to send them a barrage of messages simply because your don't know what virus etc it may activate.

That stinks. With out admin rights there is no way to fix this. I take it Uve (I hope I spelled it right) must not have a way in either.

Xero, Uwe has not had a connection with the site since the business was sold. He asked me to remove him from here and the facebook page (now known as “Friends from Cruiser Customizing”) as he had no further connection to either after the sale was completed.
Get and I (the remaining moderators) do what we can with the functions of the site that still function.

As noted the site owners wont talk to either of you and Uwe is out of the loop. Damn sad state of affairs'.

This is a real company in the UK. Phone number 020 3519 1045

Its just odd. It doesn't give me a good feeling.

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