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A good saying about riding to work...

Maybe this has been around for a long time, but I just heard this the other day: "If you drive to work, the drive is always too long, but if you RIDE to work, it's always too short." 
How true that is! I am fortunate enough to be able to ride to work about 75% of the time, and I love it. It's about a 20 mile (32km) ride on country roads. Great way to start the workday! 




True words

True words..... ever thought about this? When people go home from work driving a car they take the shortest way, when they go home from work riding their bike they enjoy it that much they sometimes make it a little longer ride!

Unless its inclement weather... I used to ride 45 minutes to work and got caught many a time in afternoon thunderstorms on the way home Smiley-cry

That the same here..... Sometimes the weather looks so good in the morning, but than...... in the afternoon, after work......

SO TRUE, I get to ride every day I like. Retired old guy and loving it. Ride safe and often. I don't have to worry about rain we only get 4-6in a year.

Ride to work from when the snow melts, till it snows again, and its about 100 miles round trip. Love it , just hard some day to not just keep riding on down the road

I agree, Ben. And regarding some of the comments above, if I can get to work dry, I'm good. I don't even really care if it rains on the way home; I can dry off when I get there!

Gee Wayne, what part of the Mojave do you live in? That's really dry.
If I worked 8 or 10 hr shifts I would ride to work. God made me wash and wear so getting wet never really bothers me. As long as it isn't raining farm animals.It's only 45mi (72K) to work. But I wont ride when I am tired and my shift is a long one.Good thing I only do it 2 days a week.

I ride to work every day during the riding season, weather permitting.

Rub it in Alex! Lol

Truer words have never been spoken. I ride every day as long as the roads don't have snow or ice.

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