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Good Service

When I bought my Scout last year, I had the stage 1 slip-on mufflers installed.
A nice deep note but a little on the quiet side. I was curious to see what after market slip-ons were available, so I did a search for 2.5" Crusher Mavericks and Amazon came up on the list.
They had them in stock so I thought I'd add them to the cart and go to purchase to see how much shipping was and if they shipped to Australia.
I put my card details in to see the shipping cost and it looked good.
I was humming and harring about whether to purchase them or not but accidentally hit the enter key, then a "Thank you for your purchase" came up on the screen.
Too late now I thought. Undecided

Anyway, they arrived today and delivery time was only 17 days. Three day from the USA and the rest in Australia's customs.
I'll post some pics in a couple of days.






Maybe before & after video too? We were looking at pics of your Scout on the weekend... I’m still pining Smiley-wink

Glad you got good service by accident, lol

Terry ... how much was the freight ?

Peter, shipping and handling was A$90.

Dim, I'll be installing on Saturday. Stay tuned.

That’s not bad for something as heavy and bulky as a pair of slip-ons

Good pickup Tezza can't wait to hear the sound of them new crushers

All done and they sound brutal.
Video soon.


Decent! If it works for Amazon it should work for the new owners of CC.
Now to see if Stage 1 induction is available.

Heard a Scout with Vance & Hinds. Wow that was loud. Big time.

Tezza....”accidentally”? You don’t need to spin that line to us......we all understand as we have all made “accidental” purchases.

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