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Greetings from New Member


I have just joined the forum. I hope once the weather improves in Upstate New York that I can meet fellow riders.






Welcome from Arkansas, Mario. Feel free to post some pics and video if you wish to. Join in on our fun

HI and Welcome from Washington State. Join on in the group. You will find lots of help and good friends if you stick around.. This site is how Allen and I meet and it is great to meet up with good people and have friends for life..See you in 4 months Allen and Julie

Can't wait to see everyone again. Wayne

I am SO READY for this trip... Have a great week Allen

It's the weekend now. You to

Welcome from gloomy San Antonio. It's raining again.

Welcome from Kansas City. Doing physical therapy .
I'll be there regardless of whether or not I ride down. In the words of Captain Zoom, "Never give up. Never surrender."

So happy for that Edwin. Looking forward to meeting you and your fine wife

Welcome to the site from the Netherlands...

Welcome from Canberra Australia

Howdy from Driftwood, Texas!

Woohoo! Finally another New Yorker welcome to the site. Post often and have a good time here

Welcome, from cold and snowy Western Canada (a paradise in the summer, but not so much right now)

Thank you for the replies. I am hoping to have my bike ready for the Spring. Syracuse, NY, is kind in that regard; Spring arrives late around here, so that I have plenty of time to get the bike in shape.

Welcome Mario from Penrith NSW Australia.

G'Day Mario - Hope you get some riding weather soon .... Greetings from OZ ... and No I am Not the Wizard ok ...

Snow to my knees now. I should watch bike movies to get my riding fix. Smiley-laughing

The movies won't make up for not riding. I've tried, lol

Maybe a video game Biggrin

Mario this is from last winter. It's all a state of mind Smiley-laughing

Nice, Valerie!

G'Day Mario from COOMA NSW, The Gateway to the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, Australia.
Ride Safe ...

Snowy mountains are not as bad if you don't have to ride in them:-)

I grew up on one of the slopes of the Andean ranges in the equatorial region. I didn't get to see the snow up close, however, until I moved to the U.S., in the middle of the northern hemisphere's winter season, with fresh snow from a storm on the ground. Quite a shock.

LOL. How long dd it take you to stop shivering....

The first night in the States (southern Illinois) I stayed out for about 10 minutes at my hosts' yard. My hosts brought me back inside their house and gave me a lot of hot chocolate to drink. Now I love being out in winter as long as it is not brutally cold. Smiley-laughing

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