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H-D Milwaukee Eight can make 125-130 RWHP with factory kit

... not to mention a mountain of torque.

At the risk of inciting an anti-Harley barrage, I offer the following article as a matter of motorcycling interest.



Just my opinion, but I think to do all that to a bike that you loved when you bought it is crazy. You should have just bought a different bike in the first place.

What is surprising is how the kit dramatically changes the power output dynamics to a higher revving motor, based on my reading of the graphs...btw that is the first time I have seen HD divulge performance figures for the Milwaukee 8.
With the new engine design I expect it will be more reliable considering the massive power increase.

Dub ... as you may have noticed, I'm a horsepower fiend! I can't recall any manufacturer that offers OEM upgrades that increase hp by 52%! That is usually the preserve of aftermarket hot rod add-ons.

and then he added the nitrous . LOL

Buy a F6B. Then simply get it Dino tuned.

Yeah that's about right ... Fred Flintstone technology ... wasn't his pet called Dino?

That is very funny Vardy!
I bet you have been waiting a long time to use that line...and then along came Phil...LOL!!!

Dub ... sometimes I just can't help myself ...

Flintstones is the first thing that came to my mind when I read Dino...then I read your post Vardy and had a good chuckle...I agree very funny indeed...LOL

Drole Vardy, very drole.!!!!!!!!

Bloody auto correct!!!!!!!!

Blame technology Cole!

the original meaning of droll is ... jester and buffoon ... I wonder what he's trying to tell me??

I'd investigate more......when you have 5 minutes to waste.

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