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handlebars and triple tree

so i recently bought a 83 vf750c in hope of restoring it but would love to change handle bars and triple tree and get rid of factory gauges and all that mess, does any one have any suggestions mainly for triple tree?




I don't know what the existing triple tree on your Magna looks like but one one option (which I am currently pursuing) is to use the existing clamp but make it look a little more custom. I am having the risers machined down so that I get a completely flat, machined, highly polished surface. I can do that because I have clip-on bars which attach to the forks. If you remove your risers you will need to find another way of attaching your bars. There may be bars that attach to the forks but which rise up as normal bars do rather than drop down like sport bike bars. Have a look at a brand called Helibars to see if they have anything to offer. You can replace your existing. large instruments with mini gauges of about 60mm diameter (that's about 2.3 - 2.5 inches); they come in black and white faces. You can delete the tacho and just have a speedometer. You can also get units that have the indicator and other lights built into the face of the dial. Any number of traders in the Cafe Racer/Bobber/Tracker scene sell these gauges. You will need to know how your existing speedo and tacho are powered and what drive ratio they have so that you buy the correct aftermarket gauge for your Magna. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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