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Happy Birthday Albert Stapert

hey Al ... I think it was your birthday yesterday. Sorry i missed it old mate. All the best for the years ahead ... shiny side up and rubber side down!



Happy Birthday Al, hope you got everything you deserved on the day.

Happy Birthday Al. Hope you had a great day. Many returns

Happy Birthday and many more.

Thanks guys. Yep. The shiny side was up all the way home.

WOW!!! you made it another year. AMAZING !!!!! Happy Birthday, Als just keep waking up and having a great day.

Scruffy, the secret to getting older is to keep breathing. Lol. Thanks man.

Oh I thought Dubster's b'day message was particularly ominous... "hope you got everything you deserved on the day". LOL

Well Dim, I don't expect he got what he wanted.....LOL!!!

True Dub....but I did get a new Honda Joint present with Coz for our birthdays.

Is it red!

Virginal white Dub.....with black trim at the bottom....much like my clothes.

Like In your disco days !

Yep, but cheaper. I spent a fortune on beer when I fell over on the raised disco floor. Won a few dance comps though.

Oh yeh! those back lit raised dance floors were great ......only problem was they attracted disco tragics in tight white pants and satin body shirts like moths to a light....LOL!!

Hey Dub ... sounds like you saw me at that upstairs disco in Woolley Street in Dickson ... you know, the one that had the perspex floor with the flashing lights under it. Pity there aren't any photos from those days!

Was that when it was known as 'Slick City'?
Yep I was there!

I can't remember its name!

And I'm glad there is no evidence!

Yep. We were lucky there were no mobile phones and facebook otherwise the pics would be in space for ever. lol

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