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hard shifting

Just bought a 2009 Suzuki M90. It shifts rough from 1st into 2nd. All other gears seem fine. When its goes from 1st to 2nd fine but gets noiser very quickly as it warms up. Is this common? I was thinking about replacing the clutch plates and springs. Bike has 12,000 miles.  Thanks




HI Dave.. You should not need a clutch yet maybe at 50,000 miles +. These transmissions are very clunky when shifting just normal. The noise might be old oil You might try some semi synthetic 20-50 W this may get the noise down a bit. This is what I use in my 07 and 2014 Stratoliners. They are very clunky while shifting and the 07 has a noisy 3rd gear. and has had for 60,000 miles. Hope this helps you out... Welcome to the site lots of good folks here we are not a big group but very friendly. I am in Washington State.

Hi Dave, welcome to the site and the answer is yes!
Fairly common with the M90 and M109, make sure you are using a high quality oil for starters and learn to either shift early or later in the rev range depending on ur bikes characteristic...learn to live with it, they are a great bike and btw it is a bullet proof gearbox. It just so happens that I installed K&N air filters today (they have only just become available) and surprisingly the shift seemed smoother, I need to go for a decent ride to assess properly.

Hello yo you all,
I'm a new rider, just bought a 2009 Suzuki Boulevard M90 with 12000 miles on it.
I'm having trouble shifting into first when standing still, and shifting to second when in motion.
There is a noise at the front wheel as if wheel bearing if any going bad. There is also a noise in the drive shaft area when early shifting. The used bike dealer where I bought it said that it was mechanically sound.
Like I said I'm new in the bike world, so just looking for advise.
Thanking you all in advance.

HI Edgar . You might want to start a new discussion on this. This way everyone will see it. The front noise may be a disc pad dragging spread them apart and spin the wheel while jacked up. Then check for the noise. The bearings are are maintenance free.. I have replaced one set. The are sealed and no greasing required. I would also check the torque on the front axle. should be 50-60 lbs. check to see if the pinch bolt is tight. This holds the front axle tight in the shock.
The driveline may need to be greased if this has been setting for long. Check the fluid level at the rear diff. It may need some. Look at this site for parts and location of pieces..


This is a new bike (12,000) so you should really have no issues with it. It is a great bike with loads of power.

Thank you for your response Scruffy! I will check the link you offered. I will also start a new discussion as you suggested. Like I said before, I am new at this so I really appreciate the advice.

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