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Harley-Davidson DTC Diagnostic Trouble Codes) 2007-2009 Revealed Part 1

Harley-Davidson DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) 2007-2009 revealed.
Part I

Written by: Biker Chad

    I have had a lot of readers ask me about this, so I wanted to share what I know.  I have to say that each Harley model has different accessories and options on it from the factory.   So as you read this article please understand that your bike may have more or less codes than I have listed.  Harley-Davidson does print an sell electronic diagnostic manual for each model that will list in greater detail than I can cover in this article, however these are the most commonly used codes that I run into.
    You’re on the road far from home when you look down and notice that your check engine light is on.  Your first instinct is to pull over and shut the engine down to prevent damage.  Now what?  Do you risk driving to a dealer in the area?  Do you call to have a garage pick up the bike?  Eventually we will all have this happen, some of us have been there already.
    What if I told you that you could access your bike’s computer right then and there, with no tools, to get a code that would tell you what happened? Do I have your attention now?  Here’s how to do it.
1. Turn the “Run/Off” switch on the right side handle bar to the “Run” position.  Now make sure the ignition key switch is in the off position.
2. Push and hold the odometer reset button while turning the ignition to the run / on position, then let go of the odometer button.
3. If you did step one and two correctly the speedometer background lights should illuminate, the speedometer needle will travel full sweep (from left to right then rest).  The indicator lamps (battery, low fuel, check engine, cruise, etc) should light then go out.  The letters “diag” will appear where the odometer numbers are usually displayed.  If you left the “Run/Off” switch in the “Off” position the letters “no rsp” (no response) will be displayed.
4. Now push the odometer button once and the letters “PSSPt” will be displayed with the first P flashing.  Each of these letters represents a different area of the diagnostic computer.  The letter that is flashing is the area you will check, P = ECM (electronic control module) / ICM (ignition control module), S = TSM (turn signal control module) / TSSM (turn signal security module), SP = speedometer, t = tachometer (if your bike does not have a tachometer, the letters “no rsp” will appear when this area is checked).  To change which letter flashes push the odometer button once to move from P to S to SP to t and back to P. 
5. Make sure you have a pen and paper to write down the codes handy before you complete this step.  To check each of the letters to see if there are codes stored in that area of the computer, select the letter by making it blink, then hold the odometer reset button for five seconds and release.  If there are any codes stored in that area they will be displayed, if no codes are stored the word “none” will be displayed.
6. After you retrieve the codes, and wrote them down, you may clear the computer by pushing and holding the odometer button while the code is being displayed.  The word “clear” will come up.  Once the code has been cleared, you can start and run the bike, then shut it off.  Repeat steps 1-5 if the same code comes up again it is a current code, not a historic code.  A current code means it is not a one-time error, but a reoccurring problem that may need a mechanic’s attention.  If the code does not re-appear it was a historic code, meaning the code was a momentary problem.  
    So now that you know how to get the codes next month I will start to list the codes and what they mean. 

This article was originally run in Saddle Tramp Magazine



copy-pasted I assume LOL

What does the code p55ptb means

Thanks for the Info, can you point me to the actual code please

I have the same trouble code P55ptb. Did you get an answer?

I am wanting to know what PO-263 code means an what to do to fix the problem

Pn 67033-046 comes up on my codes what is this

The numbers Pn 67033-046 is not a trouble code but a part number to your ECM or TSSM

PO 263 code means "Rear Injector Open/Low". My guess would be a lose connection at the injector plug or the injector wires were pulled too tightly when they were zip stripped to the frame under the tank. I have seen this before, I even had the issue on my 2006 Street Bob.

There is no code P55Ptp, it is actually PSSPtp but the LED readout makes the two Ss look like 5s. This is described in section 4:
"Now push the odometer button once and the letters “PSSPt” will be displayed with the first P flashing. Each of these letters represents a different area of the diagnostic computer. The letter that is flashing is the area you will check, P = ECM (electronic control module) / ICM (ignition control module), S = TSM (turn signal control module) / TSSM (turn signal security module), SP = speedometer, t = tachometer (if your bike does not have a tachometer, the letters “no rsp” will appear when this area is checked). To change which letter flashes push the odometer button once to move from P to S to SP to t and back to P."

My appologies to any one who has waited for an answer to anything I have posted, I was away from the forum board for some time. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any questions I can assist you with. Even if I do not know the answer I will do my best to find out for you.

Thank you,

-Biker Chad

Yes, I reposted or "copy-pasted this article from my archives after it was published in Saddle Tramp Magazine. Unfortunatly Saddle Tramp Magazine has closed down now.

Can you tell me what the codes p0113, p0131, p0151, p0661 and p1475 means.

Thanks BC ........ extremely helpful.

@HermanSpierenbu, I am assuming (possibly incorrectly) that you have changed out your stock air cleaner for a high flow unit and changed your stock mufflers to a high flow set without recalibrating your ECM and are running the bike too lean. You need to enrichen your fuel flow by adding an EFI box or by purchasing the Screamin Eagle Super Pro Race Tuner and having it dynoed or using the race tuner's "smart tune" option.

It is also possible that you have added the Screamin Eagle "Active Performance" muffler set and the actuater valve is stuck open or malfunctioning causing a lean condition. This would explain the P1475 code explained below.

P0113 - IAT (Intake Air Temp) Sensor voltage open or high

P0131 - Front 02 sensor is lean or low

P0151 - Rear 02 snesor is lean or low

P0661 - Intake solenoid low or open

P1475 Indicates the ECM detects that
the output for the actuator at ECM pin 20 does not agree with
the input at ECM pin 1 (i.e. valve commanded closed, but
feedback circuit reads that valve is open).

Please let me know if I may be of further assistance to you.

After a call with the old owner of the motor I know that he take out the intake solenoid.
Now is my question is it possible that I put a solenoid eliminator on the motor.
Because the say it will take away the code's and the warning light shall dim.

@HermanSpierenbu, Honestly I would recommend you get rid of the active performance mufflers you have and install another aftermarket set that does not require all this. Screamin' Eagle mufflers are not much better than stock H-D anymore anyway.

Had a code of P 107 and P 113 cleared codes but bike still sputters and spits checked plugs and they looked fine. What should I do next?

I have an 08 Ultra and the code reads no 5rp

I have a 2007 streetglide that has no spark, the codes showing ars p 0261 p0263 p1002 1003 1353 1356 can you help?

hi can i know what does the code p0610 mean?

What does ELP mean

I let my battery go dead - then after charging it it will not start . I noticed that my Security Key light is no longer flashing and everything comes on all lights when you push the run button then you hear the fuel pump everything works excect - the blinkers come on but will not blink and no security red key for key fob with good battery in key fob and in motorcycle. When I press the reset button on the side of the speedometer it comes up with letters r Lo and will not make any attempt to start ...

Almost same issue as Chip5, last weekend the weather was really nice, I went to start my 2007 Electra Gilde Classic, everything came on and you could hear the fuel pump come on, but the blinkers were flashing and the red key symbol (security key light) was on so I thought the FOB needed a new battery, I put in a new one and the issue continued. So I thought that my battery gone dead - then after charging it still will not start . The Security Key light is on and everything comes on all lights when you push the run button you hear the fuel pump works except the blinkers come on still flashing intermittent!

04 fat boy 1450 cc efi
no spark or fuel pump and no rsp under diagnostic p with run switch to on position,,, please help

04 fat boy no rsp with the run switch to on, no spark or fuel pump
Please help

what does code 8 mean on the codes 1 to 10 all read clr [clear] except no 8 which reads set, the problem i have is no flashing indicators,only flashing hazard lights, indicators light up but do not flash

"P" is giving a "norsp" reading , the kill switch is on "run" position. Cranks but won't start. This all occurred after re-installing Vance & Hines Fuel-Pak to reroute harness. Problem exists with or without Fuel-Pak installed. Packard 100W connector to ECM I'm alittle unsure of. Any suggestions?

Disregard my earlier post, with a bit more troubleshooting I found my suspicions to be the culprit. There's no way to confirm a perfect connection w/o taking the Packard 100W's case away and inserting each pin by hand. Thanks anyway.

Road king flhp 103 cubic in. Codes t 67042-04d. P 32999-08. Sp. 67557-08a. S. 68920-07. 31854-08

I understand these are part no. I appreciate your time and your patience please help the bike ran fine pulled into the driveway shut the bike off went out a few hours later the bike wouldn't hardly start it's like as if it was bad gas I've had the tank off replace filter plugs plug wires air filter but I have not checked fuel pressure

HI I have a 2007 heritage soft tail and I'm getting these codes, po 131, po 151, po152, po 505, it does have an aftermarket exhaust system on it, but am thinking that it may be a fuel issue, the bike is running real lean, and the plugs are dry, what do you think ? thanks Bill.S

My codes r no rSP & 1145 can i get a lil help please.And the starter spins but does not engauge

Diagnostic code pn32915, can anyone help me out here

When I activate diagnostic reader on console Get p55p66 what does this mean.Thanks.

My 2009 road king with a supercharger intake and straight Vance and Hines pipes... Also it has a power Commander in it... Has always ran well and got great fuel mileage but recently the mileage dropped from 45-47mpg to 27mpg with no loss of power in fact is runs flawlessly... I did a DTC scan and retrieved 3 codes 2 of which were historical and did not return after I cleared them but the one existing code that did come back was a B1005... Any tips tricks or ideas would be helpful
thanks in advance!

What the hell does viner mean on the odo of a 2007 softail deluxe, people say its to do with the battery any help people.

I have a 2007 fat boy with a 103 kit thundermax ecm wide band o2 sensors v&h long shots no baffles. I have trouble codes u1040 and b1006 can anyone tell me what they are

07 fat boy with 103 kit thundermax ecm v&h long shots no baffles wide band o2 sensors trouble code u1040 and b1006

07 streetglide with codes coming up

07, purchase 2 months ago w 21k! Was given a box of the factory parts not sure what they are! New screamn eagle pipes! Check engine light! Checked codes "P" p0154 ; pn 32919-07! Can the bike be ridden to the dealer? Is it an easy fix?

I have an 09 ultra classic I pulled up the p/n 68924-07 turn signal module. Changed the module and can't get the computer to clear, I'm using the instructions from your article, is their anything else I can do to clear the codes??? Desperate to get on the road !!! Thanks

Motor starter hot when start. What is the problem?
Road glide 2007

My bike codes and goes into limp mode. Codes are p 1510, p 1511, p 2127, p 2135 and p 2138. Do you have any answers? Thanks

Have a 04 fatboy EFI with 20000 Klm on it the bike fires up and runs great . After 5 minutes into the ride it Loses power for 10 to 20 seconds then runs perfect for the rest of the trip . Sometimes after this happens code P1356 will show up . Any ideas what would cause this

Rob ... this thread is pretty much closed ... I doubt you will get a response ...queries over the past two to three years have gone unanswered

My 2006 Heritage softail classic FLSTCI stop running when warming it up, I checked for codes and got a U1064 with a (pn67033-044A) key fob works battery is good. I haven't found any bad fuses, where can I find the turn signal module and how easy will it be for me to figure this out and fix the problem without taking it in to be fixed. I'm assuming to be running out of options.

What was the issue?

2008 softail my check engine light and my battery light came on the other day and then went off. A little later they came on again and when i got to te house i ran the codes through my dash.

the codes came back as P0562 and Pn34454-o7c what the hell is that part number referring to? I know the (low voltage) reading of the code P0562 but what the heck is that part?

My bike will run for awhile and then it will stall out.....if i let it sit for will start back up but quit again and just roll over.....the codes pulled were P0261 P0263 and 1002.......not sure about the last code though


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