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HD Chips ..... going out

To those that I have their address and HAVE NOT recieved a chip please note that I had a wonderful day riding and picking them up on Saturday !
Not only did I get chips I also found me some KOOL mirrors and a new animal to ride on the bike. Look for your chips toward the end of next week and probably the following Monday or Tuesday in Canada. I sent some to California {the furthest away in the states} and S Dakota. It took longer to get to S Dakota Than Cali. Can't understand that !!




Hey JW sounds great. Just a thought on the arrival times!
California no snow!
SD lots of snow! Lol not sure but maybe.

Oh did you get one yet?!

Did you send some south? That's the ???

I got one Greg .... Thanks !!! Got you one coming. Bruce ... got some for you and Chris going out Monday as well !!!

Thanks JW. I figured you did.

Good to hear JW! Hope you enjoy the addition

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