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Hello fellow riders !
 I must appologize for not getting chips out to those that are waiting on them from me. My wife has been ill and is in the hospital and I will send them as soon as I can. I have not forgot you it has just been a real burden lately . All thoughts and prayers will be greatly APPRECIATED. Those that were at Bristl know she wasn't well and it went down hill from there. I have had to take a short leave of abcense from work. I can't deal with work and her and she is my top priority !
Onnce again , I have not forgot you and will send them as soon as things get back to semi normal. Her condition will never go away but can be kept in check somewhat.
Thank you my friends !!!

James aka Ynkmup and Diane aka Mrsynkmup !!!!



Families always come first my friend, no need to apologize. You have my thoughts and prayers and wishing for a speedy recovery. Take care, Doc

I am sorry to hear that My friend,My thoughts and prayers go out to you and Diane.
Hang in there and be there for her in this time of need, i hope all Will work out soon.
Take good care of her and yourself James.
All the best wishes, Anton

Bugger JW hope things pick up real quick for you both my wishes for a speedy recovery for your wife

James, sorry to hear that your wife is ill. No need to worry about should come first.

Hey James no worries on our end and the small stuff! As said above family is number 1 and we will keep you bothin our thoughts and prayers!!
Worry about wwhat's going on there and we will keep things held down here.
Take care my friend!!

James , yr wife is the only thing u should be dealing with and worrying about at the moment!!
U both also have my thoughts and prayers!!!
when all is said and done, chips are only chips!

Families are before anything else. No need to apologize JW. Hope she has a speedy recovery my friend.

Hope she gets to doing better. We will be praying for her.

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