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Headlight goes real bright then out

Me my wife and a couple friends of ours ride home from restaurant Saturday night and start getting dark head light was on got real bright so I thought  it was on high beam put on low beam and went completely out tested  fuses power both sides of it pulled the bulb out put it directly to the battery bulb
good  i will .check the switch but after the switch what would I check



I know that There's a relayI just don't know if it is in the fuse Box where the wires connect

Well it is in the junction box where the fuses are ithouses the starter relay and headlight relay found it in the hyanes service manual, but what i relay want to know now is there a mod to make the headlight come on when the key is turned before the bike starts.,I ask because that was do e to my vn 750 Vulcan, it is supposed to by pass the relay if it goes bad .

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